As you may or may not be aware, I visited Tokyo, Japan, a few weeks ago and I was a guest judge and speak for the Tokyo Lash Competition.
Firstly, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all the Tokyo Lash Competition winners and a HUGE THANK YOU to Chieko for being my translator! Secondly, I’d like to say how much of a life-changing experience that it was; my trip really opened my eyes to the ever-changing nature of the lash industry!
The lash industry is slightly different from that here in the United Kingdom, or in fact, a lot of other parts of the world. Japanese women tend to prefer the classic, 1:1 lashes, as it is considered more complementary to Japanese eye shapes but for this reason, volume lashes really stood out in the competition. Japanese culture tends to be one that reaches for perfection in everything that they do, and this was very evident in the work I saw and judged. 

So you can all appreciate the same work I saw, here is the full list of winners, Instagram handles (if your name is on here but doesn’t have the Instagram tag, let us know!) and some photos too! Why not also give the girls a follow?!

The full list of winners is HERE.


Let us know what you think! Hanna x