Did you know that the way you use glue has an enormous impact on retention? Learn everything you need to know about your adhesive from the biggest UK lash extension supplier and take your skills to the next level. Our mission is to educate the eyelash industry, and we want to share our knowledge with all you passionate lash artists!

GLUE DIPPING and working with the glue has HUGE significance, especially when it comes to Russian volume. You need to master it if you want your glue to always work at its optimum and result in excellent retention.

1) Make sure that the surface you place the glue on is cool. We recommend a crystal glue holder or jade stone.

The cool surface of the stone helps to keep the glue bulb fresh for longer AND it is much safer than a glue finger ring holder. Hello, potential Chemical Burn!

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2) The glue should ALWAYS be in a nice "blob". Stick paper tape or a London Lash glue sticker to the glue stone.

3) Always work with the top of the glue drop. By dipping the lash to close to the base, you risk working with half cured glue which may cause bad retention.

4) Keep an eye on the glue drop and change it as soon as you notice the glue becomes stringy. We recommend a fresh drop every 15-20mins.

5) When dipping the fan, make sure you do it slowly. Any rough, fast moves will result in grabbing too much glue, which could lead to stickies.

Learn to be precise while working with your glue; you will reap the benefits in every lash session, help to save a lot of time and be proud of exceptional retention.

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