For many of us, the lockdown has been a time of self-reflection, of learning new skills, and of trying out new hair colours (hands up who now has half a bottle of pink hair dye left, and a slight fear of facing their hairdresser again) But for our salons, it has been a time of silence. 

Last week, you may have seen our blog post about returning to work and making sure you and your clients are kept safe and healthy - no second waves for us, thanks - perhaps now you’re super motivated to clean your salon from top to bottom (us too, there’s something lovely about a fresh new space!) and whilst doing so, maybe now is the time to give your work space a bit of a makeover! 

It is easy to overlook, but the way your workspace looks has a HUGE impact on your clients’ impression of you - if your workspace is even a little bit messy, they will associate this with it being dirty and disorganised, matter how hard you scrub the surfaces! A few tips and tricks to help you keep your space looking gorgeous follow, as well as some gorgeous salon inspo put together by our lovely designer Gemma! 



Whichever of these mood boards makes you swoon, there are two main ways that you can update a space - 

It's in the details...

We all love to accessorise - whether it’s a matching leopard print belt and shoes, some earrings with lashes on them, or one of our super cutescrunchies- accessories can take any outfit from a 6, to a solid 10. The same is true of your work space. Adding little notes of your brand colour throughout your workspace is an easy peasy way to inflect personality, start conversations, and lift the vibe of a space! 


Some things to think about including are:

  • Pictures/Artwork - a pretty, eye-catching splash of colour can make such a difference to a work space - try to put your frames up in an uneven, asymmetrical design - it’s cool, fun and playful, and less obvious if the nail doesn’t go into the wall quite where it’s supposed to!
  • Mugs - Of course, it will be a while before we can offer our clients drinks again, but that doesn’t mean we can’t display pretty mugs on shelves. Also think of a mug as a vessel for more than tea - use them as plant pots,pen holders, or even storage for the little brushes you give to your clients after treatment. 
  • Mirrors - Mirrors not only spruce up your workplace, but give a good opportunity for some cute social media posts! Snap a cute picture of your client admiring their new lashes after treatment and you’re onto a winner! 
  • Space savers and storage solutions -These are exactly what they sound like! Ways to store your lash supplies and equipment without sacrificing the look of the place. 


Maybe it's time for an overhaul!

Maybe you’re looking around your salon now and you’re thinking ‘this is boring!’ - perhaps it is, we all get used to spaces, and while it’s normal to be comfortably used to a place, it can become a bit dull to us. At that point, it might be time to switch up more than just the art on the walls.

  • Time for a new trolley - Want to go even further with your space saving solutions? Want something beautiful, classy and elegant; maybe also with wheels? A nice trolley can, admittedly, be a bit of an outlay - but when your clients are telling their friends about how stunning your lash studio is, and how amazing your lashes are, they’re basically your free marketing campaign! In no time at all, your trolley has paid for itself. 
  • Bed covers and Pillows - Whether it’s the monochrome look you’re going for, or something a bit more fruity, we’ve got a range of beautiful bed covers and pillows to brighten and/or smarten up the look of your place. There are few things more pleasing to us than things that match, so walking into a lash space with a colour theme right down to the furniture is ever so lovely! The best part? Some colours are currently on special offer!


To save you time, we’ve put all of our accessories into this handy collection for you! 

However you choose to update your space, make sure you show us on Social Media! Use hashtag #londonlashpro and tag us in your stories so that we can swoon over your gorgeous salons and beauty rooms!