Once again, the government’s latest announcement has caused even more confusion in the beauty industry - we can do manicures, but no brows; pedicures, but no lashes. Trust me - we are all frustrated and saddened by this, but what better time to work on the strategies that are going to bring your customers back to you when the time comes? 


Getting Your Clients Back

None of us have been inside a salon for months (unless we’re cleaning it, of course!) so getting your clients back will be easy peasy, right? Maybe, but we should also consider that many people have had reduced incomes, we’ve all reached new levels of germaphobic, and our clients need to feel safe in our super clean hands! 

First and foremost, you need to ensure your salon is up to standard when it comes to safety and cleanliness. For our top tips, see  Back to Work 101!  Now is an excellent time to start posting on your social media about the steps that you are taking to ensure client safety, including any new policies you may be putting in place when it comes to reopening so that clients are perfectly clear on your rules and expectations. You’re most likely going to want to call clients who were already booked in prior to the lockdown to ensure that your existing clients are kept happy - when you send out that confirmation text, facebook message or email, be sure to mention your new rules! 

Your existing clients already know how awesome you are, so you don’t exactly need to sell your services to them, but consider having a ‘welcome back’ perk - this could be a loyalty discount, acomplimentary lip mask, or even a little bag of sweets - it doesn’t have to be big to feel special. 

Getting New Clients In

Some people’s lash technicians might not be returning - it’s super sad to think that some of our community have closed the lash door for good, but the truth is that lockdown has been a difficult time for a lot of us - maybe they’ve found a new passion to pursue! This means that some clients will be on the hunt for a new lash technician. 

When you’ve been having your lashes slayed by the same technician for years, it can be difficult to know who to trust - this is where a really clear strategy comes in handy for you. Take the time now to really look at what and how you are posting on your social media - do your photos show the best of your work? Do they show that your salon is a pretty and relaxing space? Do they make it clear if you’re a mobile technician? If not, now is a great time to tidy up that feed! Streamline it and show off the very best of your work - show them what they could have when they come to you. After all, you’re the best. If you’re not already, start tagging your photos in your area, and use hashtags like #volumelasheslondon so that potential clients are more likely to stumble across you!

Now consider having an introductory offer - this isn’t going to be a decision that you’ll make lightly, being as you’ve been on lockdown for 4 months, and just like with those existing clients, it doesn’t have to be big to be special - it can literally be £5 off, a discount on their infill, a gift when they refer a friend. Whatever you decide on they’ve got to know that they are in excellent, loving hands! 

Maximise Your Time

Now that you’ve got all of these clients blowing up your inboxes on every platform, you’re going to need to think about how you’ll fit everyone in, whilst also keeping up with that cleaning routine. 

For advice on glamming up your space, not only for aesthetic reasons, but for nice, streamlined treatments, check out  Back to Work 102!

Whether you are doing Classic sets, Hybrid sets or Volume sets, there are a few little tricks you can keep up your sleeve to speed things up! 


We all know that our lashes grow in more than one layer. Working with the layers can really make a lash look fuller and fluffier, which is something you can use to your advantage! By covering 100% of the bottom layer, 75% of the middle layer and 50% of the top layer of lashes, you’re giving a very full look when the eyes are opened, and saving yourself a fair amount of time! It’s a bit cheeky, but it keeps your clients happy. 

Premade Fans and Easy Fanning Lashes

In the early years of the lash industry, premade fans and easy fanning lashes were heavy, clunky, icky things that we all shunned! But this is no longer the case! Premade fans are now heat bonded, which makes the bases super slim and light - no increased chance of stickies, retention as good as handmade fans and no harmful weighing down of those natural lashes. 

Easy fanning lashes are the go-to lashes for those clients who favour a wispy lash look over a super neat top line. Create an effortless Kim K style in as little as 90 minutes, and your client will walk away with the fullest, fluffiest, most fluttery lashes they could have imagined. 

Being able to create a super full look in 1.5 hours means that you can keep to your schedule and make all of your clients very, very happy! 

Hopefully it won’t be long until we can open up our doors and get lashing again, but in the meantime, we hope you are staying happy and healthy!