Lash babes! The day has finally come where salons in the UK can reopen for treatments on the face! In many ways, this highly anticipated day has caught us all off-guard, given that there was a fair amount of back and forth from the government in the last two months! 

To save you time, we have put together a short form to help give you and your clients peace of mind that you will ALL be safe during and after treatment. You’ll be able to download this as a simple PDF if you love it the way it is, but if you want to make it more personal to you and your clients, we have included an editable version!



Page 1

Page 2


*Please note that the editable forms will go straight into your downloads folder, so ensure that you are doing this on a computer, and not a mobile!

This form should be sent to ALL clients prior to their treatment and if any of their answers are YES - reschedule! This is not a time for case by case assessments - to ensure your safety and the safety of your staff and other clients, anyone who is a possible risk must wait at least 14 days to come and see you!

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And having a look at some extra PPE, just in case.

Happy reopening day, love!