4 pm Friday 3rd of March, Manchester Airport.

The suitcase is packed and I'm ready and super excited to fly to Copenhagen, Denmark to be one of the judges at the Danish National Lash Competition. Whilst waiting at the airport, I've started to write a new chapter about styling for our online training course. Through thoughts about wide and close sets of eyes, I'm hearing that my flight has just been delayed and rescheduled for the next day at 8 pm. Nice... thank you, dear Easy Jet. Had to book a flight with another airline, luckily they still had availability. Paid 3 times more expensive as it's a last-minute booking, but what can we do, need to get to Copenhagen somehow :)

1 am Saturday the 4th of March, Copenhagen Airport.

Hey, finally!! Hello Copenhagen! After hours at the airport and another 2 hours on the plane, I'm finally here. Waiting for an Uber driver. 

1.40 am Saturday 4th of March, Absalon Hotel, Copenhagen.

Bed! For those who think that traveling is a glamorous lifestyle - it's not at all. I'm totally exhausted, and my back is killing!

10 am Saturday 4th of March, Absalon Hotel, Copenhagen.

Heading downstairs to have breakfast and meet my friends Kristin von Kietzell, Katrine Carlie and Sahar Ramezani. They are also judging the competition today. During, breakfast Kristin and I came up with an idea to create a UK version of the 'Lash Letter' magazine. It's been hugely popular in Germany and I really think that it needs to be introduced to the English speaking market. We decided to try and see how it's going to work. Why not? If you never try - you never know. So another project on Hanna's list :)

 sahar ramezani, kristin lash letter, hanna putjato

12 pm Saturday 4th of March, Beauty Expo, Copenhagen.

Meeting up with the other judges at Blink/Lash Bar stand. My friend Rikke Steenskov Udengaard is a distributor for Blink in Denmark and she is the main coordinator for the Danish Lash Championship. Another superwoman and a role model for me. Super successful girl and also a happy wife and mum. I love Rikke :)

1 pm Saturday 4th of March, Judging room, Beauty Expo, Copenhagen

Discussing which criteria will be judged by each judge. Of course, I've asked for styling:) absolutely in love with this topic. I can talk about it for hours. Why do women come to us to have their lashes done? Because they want to be beautiful! As simple as that. And if we mess it up and make her eyes looking droopy instead of looking lifted then what's the point of the whole procedure? Honestly. That's so simple. I always tell my students that we are architects, not the builders. So we need to design, not just build the bricks... 

4 pm Saturday 4th of March, Judging Floor, Beauty Expo, Copenhagen.

I've just checked the last model. And you know what? I'm very impressed with the styling. I don't know what's happened and what they have been "eating", but the styling has DRAMATICALLY improved from the last year. I've seen only 2-3 obvious mistakes.. very interesting and very impressive... 

london lash, eyelash extensions, danish lash competition  

4.30 pm Saturday 4th of March, Judging room, Beauty Expo, Copenhagen.

Counting the results and finding out the name of the winners of Classic look! How exciting! Looking forward to seeing their faces when their names are being announced. That's honestly the best part of the competition :) 

Ah, I asked Rikke about the noticeably improved styling, she said that it’s because her colleague Mette is doing excellent styling workshops which are fully booked every month. Very impressive. Great job Mette and all students who attended her training. 

london lash, hanna putjato, judjes lash competition

5 pm Saturday 4th of March, Grand Stage, Beauty Expo, Copenhagen.

Congratulations to all winners! Very proud of everyone who won and everyone who didn't. I think it's an extremely stressful thing to take part in a lash competition and I honestly admire everyone who is competing. Regardless of the winning place. 

danish lash competition

7 pm Saturday 4th of March, Gala dinner, Beauty Expo, Copenhagen.

Champagne! Yes! That's exactly what I needed after the long working week. Waiting for food and having a great laugh with Daniel and Jane from Sweden. I've only had a chance to meet them "properly" this year and I really like them! Such a cool couple and a great business team.

daniel  jane errikson

I just found out from Sahar that I should be called Cocker Spaniel. Same as Katrine. Because quote from Sahar "you bloody love everyone" haha 😂 Sahar is so funny. And so right, I actually do "bloody love everyone!"

Great meal, great wine, and amazing company. Such a lovely night. 

danish lash competition

10 am Sunday 5th of March, Absalon Hotel, Copenhagen.

Shower, breakfast and getting ready for day 2 of the Danish competition. Unfortunately, Kristin needed to fly back to Germany this morning, I'll miss her... 

12 pm Sunday 5th of March, Judging floor, Beauty Expo, Copenhagen.

Judging volume! Love volume ❤️ And yes I'm judging the quality of the fans - what could be better than looking at these beautiful babies. The majority of the contestants were very experienced and it was a pure pleasure to look at their work. And again I'm very impressed - the quality of the fans is really good. I can clearly see how our industry is progressing and improving each year. If you look at my judging sheet - most of the points for the quality of the fans are 8 and 9 out of 10. Which means most of the fans were perfect. Well done girls. 

Interesting thing. One of the works which really impressed me was done by a beginner. Neat, clean, full coverage and perfect fans. Work by Sanne Salven. Sanne, if you decide to move to London and want a job - call Hanna :) you are employed automatically :) 

6 pm Sunday 5th of March, Absalon Hotel, Copenhagen.

Catching up with Freja, our London lash Danish distributor. I love to see her. I adore Freja, she is so young but so determined. She is one of the winners of last year's Danish competition by the way. Super talented girl. 

We discussed so many interesting things: London Lash training in Denmark, participation in next year's Danish expo, distribution of Freja's new brow brand in the UK and many many other cool things. 

freja Holtz

8 pm Sunday 5th of March, Mother restaurant, Copenhagen.

Dinner with Katrin, Sahar, Mette, Rikke, her lovely husband, and beautiful kids. Lots of great food and cool company. What could be better? Discussion of competition rules and an idea to create the same rules for all European championships. Not sure if every competition will support this project, but it's not a bad idea. It will certainly make the life of contestants easier in terms of understanding rules and the judging criteria. 

mother restaurant 

8 am Monday 6th of March, international airport, Copenhagen  

Bye-bye beautiful Copenhagen. I had a great time and hopefully, I will visit you again soon :)


Hanna Putjato,

Lots of love XXX

Hanna Putjato – Founder of London Lash Hanna Putjato Founder of London Lash @london_lash_pro

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