First, let me introduce myself. My name’s Ella (@ella_londonlashpro), I’m 22 and I’m the Social Media Manager at London Lash PRO. If you’re reading this, you probably know what London Lash PRO is. But if you don’t, it’s one of the biggest eyelash extension companies in Europe and I’m very lucky to be part of the team.

With that being said, before I began working for London Lash, I’d never even had lash extensions, let alone done them on somebody else! So in September 2019, I completed my Foundation Training course with @wiktoria_londonlashpro and now in-between my everyday tasks, I plan to practice, practice, practice!

On my very first day of training, my initial assumptions about the lash extension treatment were completely destroyed. For one, it is NOT an easy thing to do. Gone were my beliefs that ‘it can’t be that hard’ and a new respect forlash techs everywhere was found. It’s tricky, fiddly and most definitely not something that my shaky hands were going to pick up naturally!

In fact, my shaky hands meant I actually really struggled to begin with. It was a huge issue when I tried to place a lash extension on to the natural lash and it slid all over the place. It meant the glue could not set in place for long enough to dry properly and then the lashes would simply fall off. Even though the initial placement was perfect, I couldn’t hold still long enough for it to stay. 

However, now I know the way to avoid this! 

One thing that has stuck with me since my first training is how Wik taught us to ‘drop’the lash. When you’ve placed the lash in its correct place, drop it. Don’t try to hold it in place. Release your tweezers, drop the lash and the glue will dry much quicker and much more securely if you do so. If using a slower drying glue, you’ll still have time to readjust but you won’t need to hold the lash until it’s dried if you use this technique and keep the lash isolated.  This technique was an absoluteLIFESAVER.Rather than having to blow lashes away that had just dropped off, one after the other, I found myself actually being able to make, if I say so myself, quite good attachment! 

(This is the glue I started out using - Lady Bond!)

For now, I continue to practice on my mannequin head, dropping lashes here and there and I’m sure I’ll soon rope my mum into being a model for me! Keep an eye out for my next blog post, follow me on Instagram and for any other lash babies, follow #LLPLashBaby for loads more informative and helpful content - because I know for sure that’s what I’ll be doing!


Ella x 

Abigail Madden – London Lash Expert Abigail Madden London Lash Expert @abigail_londonlashpro

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