July 06, 2017

Can you believe it has almost been a whole year since Lash Battle 2016? We are just three weeks away from crowning our next Lash Artist of the Year at Lash Battle 2017, and we could not be more excited!

At this very moment, We're almost done with organising LONDON LASH BATTLE 2017 - the BIGGEST lash competition in the UK! Since getting more and more involved with eyelash extensions competitions, we’ve been receiving an almost constant stream of competition related questions from Lash Technicians, the most common being: “Should I compete? Am I good enough?”

Our (strong) opinion on this - yes you should! And of course you are good enough. Regardless of your level of experience or the result of the competition, it is hugely beneficial for you to take part in these types of competitions for a number of reasons…

  1. Checking Your Knowledge and Skills. There is a certain set of criteria judges use to assess your work: number of stickies, quality of lash attachment, distance from the skin, directions, lash styling etc. Judges don’t just look at how pretty your model’s lashes are - super pretty lashes can be incredibly unsafe if the lashes are stuck together, or the extensions are placed too close to the skin. Hence there is a list of technical requirements you need to follow to produce high quality and safe work. Participating in a lash competition is a sort of exam which allows you to spot your mistakes and imperfections, helping you to get a clear idea of any areas which need to be improved. Sometimes it’s more beneficial to attend these competitions than any volume training course as it’s not just about quality of your volume fans.                                 
  2. Recognition as a Professional. Imagine your hairdresser is taking part in a professional competition - isn’t that impressive?! You will probably feel proud and honoured that you are having your hair done by one of the best professionals in the field - only the strongest professionals are participating in this type of competition after all. Even if she doesn’t win, you will still count her as being among the best in her field. You might be even secretly happy that she didn’t win, as winning 1st place may potentially cause a price raise :D this is how we think as clients, which is exactly how your clients will feel when they hear that you are participating in the competition.                                      
  3. Collaboration and Networking. When you come to lash competition you have the chance to meet lash artists from all over the world. These people have the same job, the same passion and have probably encountered the same problems as you. Just by coming to these events, you have the chance to:
  • Share your thoughts and opinions; 
  • Discuss products, techniques and training courses; 
  • Have an amazing time and make a lot of new friends. 

You can also have a chat in person with any of the judges or organisers, ask them any questions or share your ideas. Judges absolutely love talking to participants, answering their questions, giving them tips and advice, and listening to their thoughts and ideas. We don’t always talk to people as much as we’d like to on social media as we simply don’t have the time for it, but competition is certainly the perfect event for lash chats and discussions

     4. Chance to Win and Change Your Life! Do you want to become a famous and recognisable lash artist, giving you the chance to charge higher prices for treatments? Do want walls covered in certificates and more trophies than you can find space for? Do you want to be a successful trainer and travel all around the world with your bespoke training courses? Do you want to become a judge of lash competitions yourself? If you win the competition – your dreams can all come true.

Of course, competition is hard work - it’s a big investment, it can be stressful. But keep in mind that it will also be the greatest challenge of your eyelash extension career so far, and a huge chance to achieve your goals. 

If you want to take part but don't wish to travel, we have that covered too! Sign up for our online competition and create a beautiful Fairy Tale look for your chance to win some amazing prizes!

Entries for all nominations are filling up fast, so now is an excellent time to sign up and show us what you're made of!

Visit our competition page and sign up Here!

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