April 19, 2018 3 min read

Every few months in the lash industry, we see a new product shoot to the height of fame. Some fade into obscurity, while some stay with us for much longer as we collectively realise that this brand new, genius item is the thing of our dreams - the thing missing from our lash trolleys. There are some products that we will always need, no matter what else comes and goes. One of those products is the humble eyepatch - you protect your client’s lower lashes, you can see the natural lashes much more easily, and they’re sooo much more comfortable than surgical tape!

As they are an essential for all lash kits, there are so many different types on the market that you may become confused over which ones to choose - which will be most comfortable? Which are best for drawing your lash map? Will they stay in place? What do they contain and will clients be allergic?

To help you make an informed decision on which patch may suit you and your clients best, allow me go through with you all the London Lash Pro eyepatches on offer, and show you the difference between them.

Anti-wrinkle Collagen Eyepatches

I’m sure you’ve come across these eyepatches many times during your lash career - they’re the most popular eyepatches in our store due to their unique and versatile shape which is able to comfortably fit all types of eyes! Due to their versatility and ease of use, I would always recommend these patches for those lash artists who are just beginning their lash career, and are new to the separation of bottom lashes and the correct application of the eyepatches. They have a great grip and have a soft “U” shape that covers all bottom lashes! A huge advantage is their special hydrating formula which soothes the eye area during the treatment - a’la botox effect during a lash nap, who doesn’t want that, huh? 😄 Add to that one more important thing - the eyepatches are lint free so there are no fibres to interfere with your treatment. No more little white fluff everywhere!

‘TEFLON’ gel eyepatches

I have to admit that these eyepatches are really underestimated 😔 I’m sure that more than a half of you have never heard about them before (shame!). Their greatest feature is their non-sticky top surface that prevents the extension from sticking to the eyepatches. I bet you have some clients that talk a lot or have twitchy eyes during the treatment, which can lead to some of your masterpiece fans getting stuck to the eyepatches. You can forget about it with these - they are like a holy grail among the eyepatches! Due to its gel bottom layer and small size they fit perfectly for clients with deep set eyes or oily skin. I promise - once you place them, they won’t move an inch 😃

‘Maximum Comfort’ thin eyepatches

The eyepatches that you either love or hate 😉 Or more likely - you hate them but once you learn how to use them, you’ll never use anything else! Their extra thin, revolutionary texture makes them super flexible and comfortable. Once you apply them, your clients can’t tell they have something under their eyes! The extra thin layer of cooling moisturising gel leaves the skin fresh and soft throughout the treatment, leaving a gentle and refreshed feeling. Due to their very thin and small size, they are recommended for advanced lash technicians that are confident with applying the eyepatches.

All of the mentioned above eyepatches have a flat and easy to write on surface with our beautiful lash mapping pen, which makes mapping your looks easier than ever!

I hope this short description will help you in choosing the best eyepatches for both you and your clients!❤️

Karolina Swiderska

London Lash Pro Master Lash Artist and Trainer

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