Foam Tape - The Lash Saving Product

We recently discussed how great and necessary Eyepatches are for lash extension treatments in this blog post. But what about those clients who may experience discomfort or even a reaction to patches? What is the alternative for them and how can we still perform a lash treatment without compromise?

Let's Discuss Foam Tape

Being a beginner in this industry can get expensive, we know - we’ve all been there and we’ve all sat and thought about what we can remove from the basket to make it a bit more affordable whilst still ensuring we have all of those necessities that will impress and delight our clients. Foam Tape should help with that while you’re finding your feet, because it works out quite a bit cheaper. Each roll of foam tape has a massive 5 meters of tape, which will give you enough product to protect the bottom lashes of up to 80 clients if you’re using the 2.5cm tape, or 160 clients if you’ve opted for the 5cm variety. We’re not trying to blow your mind or anything, but that comes in at about 8p per lash treatment. 

London Lash Pro Foam Tape Hack for Eyelash Extension Treatments

Another huge bonus for beginners is that the thickness of the tape minimises the risk ofpoking a client with your tweezers! This happens quite often with beginner lash artists who haven’t quite mastered the pressure/resting Tweezers, and are putting too much pressure onto the patches. 

Let’s say you’re not a beginner and you’re a die-hard eyepatch fan. Now let’s say you have one client whose eyes just won’t stay closed, no matter what you try, and they always leave with red eyes. By now, you’ve probably tried every trick in the book, from weighing down the eyelid, to gluing one of their lashes to the eyepatch. But have you tried foam tape? If not, you’re about to become a fan. Foam tape is a little bit thicker than an average eyepatch so it covers the gap between the eyelids, keeping the glue fumes away - it’s a little bit like magic.

On top of all of this, the tape is completely customisable, which means that for each client you have the perfectly shaped piece of tape. Just grab your scissors, cut to the desired shape and off you go! No more securing the eyepatch here, there and everywhere with surgical tape.

What Else is Great About it?

  • It is perfect for clients who are allergic to eyepatches as the adhesive on the foam tape is hypoallergenic. If your client has any sensitivities or allergies to anything present in the gel on eyepatches, this tape will be an absolute lifesaver.
  • It is the great texture for drawing your lash map with a Mapping Pen - we tested it with different pens, this one was the best.
  • That ideal texture for mapping is also perfect for NOT sticking to the glue (which is another reason that it’s so great for beginners who are more liable to glue a lash to the eyepatch).
  • They won’t move around on clients with oily skin
  • There is no gel to go into the eyes if your client’s eyes are watery

All in all, this tape is a fantastic addition to your lash kit. It’s cost effective, long lasting, easy to use and suits everyone. The only drawback for us is that you might never buy eyepatches again. We’ve come to terms with that, now go out there and lash away.

London Lash Pro Foam Tape and Box