How You Can Use Cluster Lashes to Your Advantage!

If you’ve been a long time London Lash customer, you might just remember our latest release from back in 2019, if you’re not familiar with Hanna lashes, or if you’d like a refresher, we thought it might be fun to have a look together at all of the things we know you will LOVE about them!

Custom Strip Lashes

That’s right, these little beauties come in 4 length segments which are 1 cm wide each, that means that you can completely customise how your lashes look from one day to the next. Lengths range from 8 mm up to 14 mm, so you can go as subtle or as bold as your mood takes you, and you have the option to change your whole look just like you can with eyelash extensions – as a lash tech, you have an advantage here as you know the ins and outs of lash mapping to suit your face shape and bone structure, and thanks to the short segments of these cluster lashes, you don’t have to worry about them being too long for your eye shape!

Retail to Clients

Now we’re not saying these could ever replace our beloved eyelash extensions – nothing ever could! But let’s say your client has developed an allergy to lash extensions glue, or perhaps they’re going away for a very long time and won’t be able to make it to their infill appointment. These cluster lashes being so easy to customise and so lightweight means that they’re a great option for bridging gaps in lash extensions, or for giving that same level of confidence that lashes give us! 

One of the greatest things about these strip lashes in particular is how fast they are to apply, so although they take a little longer than just giving your lash extensions a brush in the morning to fluff them up, you’re only taking a few minutes out of your morning at most, and you can even take them from a day look to a night look by adding some longer segments when work time turns to play time! 

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Use to Educate

How difficult is it to find a willing model to show the difference styling can make? Nobody wants to lie down for 3 hours only to have two completely different styles on each eye, one of which doesn’t suit them, and then have to have either one eye removed and redone, or the whole lot removed. 

Now though, you can easily apply a cat style, squirrel style, Dolly style, fox style in around 20 minutes to show how each style looks completely different on someone due to their face shape, and why we map specifically for each client due to that! 

Who would have thought cluster lashes could be an educational tool?

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One last thing to keep in mind is that the cluster lashes of today are different to the cluster lashes of times past. These should never ever be applied with eyelash extensions glue as they will cause damage and discomfort. Only ever apply these lashes with glue intended for strip lashes to keep yourself, your clients and your students safe. We haven’t included glue with these so you can even pick the one you like the most! For a barely there look, choose a glue that dries clear, or if you’re blending them in with eyeliner, try a black strip lash glue!