I’m here to tell you how all about the incredible change that was brought to my life once I became an eyelash trainer...

I’d been working from home for over 2 years happy in my little place but never had a chance to grow my business that little bit more so I decided to enter myself into an eyelash competition to get judged, have chance to improve and also show my clients that I want to be one of the best in my industry!

I threw myself straight into the deep end and decided to go for the biggest eyelash competition in the whole of the UK which is the LONDON LASH BATTLE! Oh dear, I still can feel the goosebumps on my body when I think about it! Emotion and fear were high but I traveled all the way from Leeds to Glasgow so I had to compete - with the shakiest hands in my whole life!

And I did it. Master category 2D Volume and I won! First place, I couldn’t believe it… I didn’t even stay for the award ceremony because I didn’t believe I’d win any place. It was an even bigger surprise it was that I was the best of everyone who had competed!

But when I really think about it now I’m not sure what was the biggest surprise: the first place win or the offer from Hanna Putjato to become a trainer for London Lash?! I’m not sure but both turned my life upside down!

I met her for the first time there in Glasgow - in a toilet! She came in when I was wiping away my tears before the competition. I was so stressed and I just couldn’t handle it.

She said that it doesn't matter if I will be first or last because I'm a winner anyway. She said this because I was brave enough to come and so many lash technicians have stayed at home. That gave me so much power and motivation!

And after my model was judged, dizzy and happy that this competition was over, I went to Hanna to pass her my card and she asked me if we could have a word. (That’s so crazy, I’m nobody, no one knows me and big Hanna Putjato asked me if we could have a word!?) Yes, of course, we can! When she offered to collaborate and work for London Lash, my knees went weak! I was close to passing out that at first, I couldn’t even answer!

At the time I didn’t understand what that meant. But a few months later, I finally got out of my house and opened my first salon on the edges of the city centre! It was so amazing, in my own salon and able to train so many lovely people. The friendships and all the new people I met meant it felt like a dream! I was now able to teach people and look at their achievements. My students are now winning competitions and I feel so complete!  I work with other girls who are so lovely and I live a life where other lash technicians and trainers are recognising me in this BIG lash world.

Hanna always says dream big and she is so right. I can only say thank you to her as I now I know that anything is possible if we just want it. We can make it!

I’m happy, financially stable and I do what I love. After a year of being a trainer, I became UK Lash Mentor of the 2019 and I hope to achieve even more than that in the future... I hope you like my story and that it motivates you to take the next steps in your career!



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