How to Create A Kim K Lash Set: A Step by Step Guide by Anastasia Nikulina

Kim K lashes have stood the test of time since they rose to popularity back in 2018, here’s a step by step guide on how you can create the spiky lash sets of your clients' dreams by none other than Master Trainer Anastasia Nikulina!


  • Apply the spikes* all over. (*Spikes are unopened fans of 3/4 lashes, or made as thin or as thick as you wish).
  • Use lashes 1-2mm longer than the main length for the best results.
  • Make sure to keep the lashes 90° to the eyelid.

STEP 2:⁣

  • Complete a full volume set working with opposite layers. For the best look, we recommend 3D+.
  • To achieve the broken top line effect, we need to do the oppositeof what we do to achieve a perfect topline. The bottom layer should be shorter, the middle should be longer and the top layer? Even longer than that!.
  • On your mapping, the section of 12mm will be your top layer (not bottom) and this opposite rule applies throughout.
  • We promise this will give you a nice soft blended line, as well as darker color on the roots. Almost like a smokey eye created just with lashes!

Go ahead and try out this technique – we’re sure your clients will love you for it. And better yet, make sure to tag us in your posts on social media, we can’t wait to see them!


Credit: @anastasia_londonlashpro

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