Working with layers may be difficult and tricky especially if you at the beginning of your Lash Artist career. But that’s what we are here for! So keep your cool, as we are going to share with you the trick that is a game-changer when it comes to working with layers. It will shorten the time of your treatment by a good 30min!

Bottom lash layers may be hard to reach even for advanced lash artists, that’s why most of them, to make their work more effective, use the taping back technique.

This technique can be used with both classic and Russian volume lashes, as well as with infill or a full set. The taping back technique involves placing a piece of tape horizontally across the tips of the eyelash extensions (that already have been attached to the natural lashes) to the eyelid. By doing that you will:

  1. Reveal hidden bottom lashes
  2.  Lift the bottom lashes up - no more glue sticking to the pad
  3. Makes isolation easier


Photo credit @grovesbeauty

So how does it work?

If you are planning to use this technique with a full set start with applying for eyelash extensions as per usual, once you have 50-60% lashes done you can then use the tape back technique. If you have a client for infill, then it's up to you if you want to start with bottom layers first or if you’d rather fill all the gaps first and only then work on bottom lashes. Find a way to make this technique work for you!

 Few things you need to remember!

  1. Make sure the tape you are using is not too sticky. Pre-stick the tape a few times on the back of your hand (make sure you disinfect your hands before doing so!!)
  2. Make sure the tape is only attached to the sides of the eye, there is no need to make the extension touch the eyelid
  3. Always remember to tape only the tips of the extensions, taping too far down will pull too hard on the lash and may force your clients to open their eyes and cause irritation or chemical burn!
  4. Try taping back different parts as you go
  5. When removing the tape be extra careful not to rip off any lashes by accident. Use tweezers if you need help to unstick lashes from the tape!


We hope you will find this insider trick helpful.

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