Pretreatment Is Key

Whether you're a beginner in Eyelash Extensions or an expert Lash Artist with years of experience, you may still have some retention issues from time to time. If you ever had a client come to you and ask  'Why aren't my lash extensions lasting?'  or you looked at a client coming for an infill and wondered  'How do I make their eyelash extensions last even longer?'  This is the video you need!

London Lash products we mentioned in the video:

Pretreament is an important step in creating a lash set which lasts over time. If done incorrectly, the lashes may experience poor retention due to oils, dirt or makeup residue. This is because oils and lash glue do not mix, meaning that over a short period of time, the bond between the eyelash extension and glue may simply slide off. Follow our thorough pretreatment video and you will notice longer retention and healthier natural lashes making you infills easier and faster.