It can get very expensive to buy and replenish your stock for your clients! But we have some ideas to help you.

 If you bulk buys our products and spend a certain amount you can qualify for free shipping which saves you money! You can see more information about this here:


If you don’t need to buy a lot and want to avoid the shipping then you could team up with other lash experts and technicians near you to build the price of the basket to get free shipping! Which in turn can help to build relationships with fellow artists!

Another way in which you can help to save money is by simply, keeping on top of your stock! If you don’t need to keep ordering little bits, you can order in bulk once every now and then (again, saving money on shipping).

Take advantage of when we have offers on! Buy in bulk! You will definitely save a lot of money this way and you won’t need to replenish your stock for a while if you do this.

We hope you have gained some new ideas on how to save money!

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