InLei® Essentials - New Releases to Give Your Clients the BEST Experience!

In the last few months, the team at InLei® have dropped some exciting new products, expanding the collection of lash lift and brow lamination related products to include tools to make your job easier, and products that your clients will LOVE during treatments and as part of their aftercare routine. We’ve rounded up the 3 most recent InLei® extras to help you decide which to add to your lash lift and/or brow lamination kits ASAP!

Forma Shields

One thing we’ve always really loved about InLei® is that they have such a huge range of shields for lash lifting, meaning you can get the exact lash lift and curl your client wants, and which will suit their eye shape and lash length - guest blogger Mariola went into loads of detail about theInLei® Shield range in another blog post, which you might want to check out if you don’t know absolutely everything about InLei® Shields just yet. 

Now though, there is a one-size-fits-all option to add to the mix. InLei® Forma Shields are a revolution in Lash Filler Shields in that they can be used on any client with any length lashes, so they’re well worth having in your lash lift kit if you’re new to Lash Filler, if you’re on a tighter budget, or if you have limited storage space for products. 

InLei® Forma Shields sold out within a week of launching, and have continued to be a huge hit among lash lifters!

The best lash lift shields from the InLei® Lash Filler range to have in your lash lift kit

Lady Shield

Lady Shield is the latest addition to the InLei® range and is designed to be used alongside their iconic Brow Bomber treatment. 

Brow Bomber is a super effective brow lamination style treatment that works in much the same way as InLei® Lash Filler in that it nourishes the hair from bulb to tip, making hairs thicker, smoother and more obedient long after treatment. Brow Bomber was designed to be highly effective on the hairs whilst being gentle and caring on the skin, for that very reason Brow Bomber is not to be used with cling film in the same way that other brow lamination product ranges are. Even so, those clients with super sensitive skin do still sometimes experience some redness or even irritation during or at the end of a Brow Bomber treatment, so Lady Shield was developed and created. 

InLei® Lady Shield contains ingredients which hydrate and nurture the skin, as well as providing a slightly numbing effect which prevents any irritation when the Brow Bomber products are applied. 

Due to the numbing effects and the moisturising and caring attributes, InLei® Lady Shield can also be used at the end of treatments as a soothing balm, so is a staple in your brow lamination kit. 

Lady shield numbing cream for brow lamination treatment for sensitive skin


Adiutrix is something of a pièce de résistance in the InLei® line as it does such a great job. Firstly, it’s a rare product in a professional product line that can be bought and used by anyone - recommend it to your clients to purchase separately, or have some in stock to retail to them after treatment. Adiutrix was tested on volunteers to ensure that they didn’t experience any irritation, and that the serum worked in the way that it was supposed to. 

After extensive testing, Adiutrix was found to enhance the after effects of InLei® Lash Filler, keeping the lashes looking thicker for longer, and keeping them soft and shiny too. At present, Adiutrix is being tested alongside InLei® Brow Bomber in the same way but early results are showing that Adiutrix lash and brow serum is helping brows to look full and to behave better in between appointments. If you want to learn more about InLei® Adiutrix, we have another post about it that goes into much more detail.

Lash serum to help grow lashes for use as lash lift aftercare
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