Friday 2 pm, Manchester Airport, UK

It feels like I’ve just got back from the competition in Zagreb and I’m in the airport again, flying to Prague to participate in the League of Lash Masters conference organized by Petr lhotský. I was invited to speak at the same conference last year and I must admit that I really enjoyed the event. Very knowledgeable speakers from all over the world, plenty of useful workshops – a great educational event for lash technicians. So I’m very excited to participate again. Last time my colleague Darja Striletskaja and I were talking about styling and this time I’m talking about allergic reactions that could be caused by cyanoacrylate lash adhesive. It’s a very interesting topic and it always creates lots of discussion on our training courses - so I hope participants in the conference will enjoy my speech.



Friday 6.30 pm, Prague, Czech Republic, taxi

I’m on the way to the hotel arranging a meeting with Simona Riciu in 30min. Simona is our representative of London Lash in Romania, she is our trainer and distributor - you can see her beautiful website here. She is a fantastically determined and talented girl and a winner of many lash competitions. She’s only been lashing for a couple of years and has already achieved so much in such a short period of time. I truly admire her and believe she will have a VERY SUCCESSFUL lash future.

 Friday 7pm, Prague, Czech Republic, Panorama Hotel

Dropping my bags and running to the conference hall to check how my presentation will look on the big screen. Everything looks perfect, thanks to my dear Lauren. Lauren is our   amazing designer and she is the one who prepares all London Lash posters, logos and adverts. I’ve been working with her for the last 5 or 6 years. She is the first and the only designer I've worked with. She is the one who created our first logo. Apart from being a very talented and creative person, she is also a real sweetheart. I’m so happy that we are still working together.

Feels like I’m attracting great people somehow, as all our London lash girls (#londonlashfamily) are super cool - if you met them in person, you know it ;)


In the conference hall I’m meeting Petr Lhotský, he is extremely busy preparing for the conference and I truly understand how difficult it is. Luckily we only have one event to organize – it’s London Lash Battle Competition and I’m absolutely dreading it each year - it’s so much work, so much stress, and pressure. But this is the reality of life, if you want to be a successful and recognizable lash business, organizing the lash conferences and competitions is certainly a great way to promote yourself. So yep, we are still doing it even though it’s extremely hard to create an event, which will run smoothly and will make everyone happy. I wish Petr all the best luck for the next two days!

Friday 7.15 pm, Prague, Czech Republic, Panorama hotel restaurant.

Having dinner with Simona and her husband. Discussing London Lash products, packaging, website optimization, advert design, and many more useful things. It’s great to meet up with distributors and trainers and discuss extra ways of brand/product/service development. Very often they can open your eyes to the things you never noticed before. They say “2 brains are better than 1 brain”, and I absolutely agree. I’m always open to new ideas and suggestions and I have a weird craving for constructive critics. I will absolutely love you if you will tell me what I’m doing wrong in business or what could be changed. As you are helping me to improve.

Friday 9 pm, Prague, Czech Republic, Panorama hotel reception

Meeting Kristin von Kietzell and Ina Eibl at the reception. Kristin is the owner of Larùcil lash brand and owner of Lash Letter magazine, which is hugely popular in Germany. I always miss her, she is such a great friend and so sad we live in different countries. Luckily we see each other at least 3-4 times a year on competitions and conferences. Having a chat with Ina, she is very cute, I’ve never met her before, but I really like her – such a smiley and kind person. Sahar Ramezani would also call her “Cocker Spaniel” :D If you read my previous blogs - you know what I’m talking about ;)

Meeting Loreta Jasilionyte from Flawless lashes and Shareen Nesbeth, they arrived together as both traveled from London. I've to know Shareen for a long time, she is such a lovely person and such a talented lash artist.

Chatting with Loretta about how difficult to manage your business and have a balanced family life when you are traveling a lot. I really enjoy chatting with Loretta, we have a lot in common. We both run the same online lash business in the same country. We both run a training academy and have trainers teaching for our brand in the UK and abroad. We are both judging at competitions and speaking at conferences. We both started business at the same time. We are both not native English speakers, as we were not born in the UK. Loretta is from Lithuania and I’m from Belarus. Life of an immigrant is not a piece of sweet pie so we both worked extremely hard to become who we are now. So it’s always nice to catch up and talk about things. I also like the fact that Loretta is my direct competitor – and I weirdly like my competitors as they kick my ass and make me work harder. And I believe I make them feel the same. Which is great. Competition develops the business and helps you to grow from a little eyelash girl to a big business monster :D So my business is doing so well because of Loretta, Frankie Widdows, and Courtney Bluher. Thank you for kicking my ass girls! I would never make it without you.

 Saturday 9 am, Prague, Czech Republic, Conference Hall

Conference started. I love conferences. It’s great to listen to the best lash “brains”. Petr Lhotský has a great team of speakers and arranged a wide variety of topics – from lash safety, technical skills and styling to life balance and lash photography skills. Mostly all the lash masters are speaking in English or Russian which is amazing as I can understand both languages. For those who speak other languages Petr organized a team of translators – so half of the conference attendees are wearing headphones and they can listen to the speeches in their language. Which is great. Well done Petr!

My speech is in the afternoon, and I’m a bit nervous, but looking forward to it. I really enjoy public speaking. When I was studying at school, college and university, I was in charge of organizing and hosting all the school/University events. I’m from Belarus and it’s very popular to have concerts, stand up comedies and all sorts of performances on a regular basis, at least once every month. So I can’t even count how many times in my life I’ve been talking on the stage. I think at least 1000 :D So I’m an experienced one

Screenshot of me and my friend Ilja performing in college in 2005 :D : 

Today I’m talking about glue and allergic reactions, which can be caused by lash adhesive. I've personally had so many allergic customers so this is definitely something that needs to be discussed. My next blog post will be about allergic reactions and will cover my conference speech.

Saturday at 7.30pm, Prague, Czech Republic, Restaurant next to the conference Hall.

Having the best gin & tonic and yummy sushi with Rikke Steenskov and her lovely colleagues. Rikke is my old friend, she is the owner of Lash Bar and Lash Academy in Copenhagen, distributor of Blink in Denmark and an amazingly cool person! Always smiling, always happy, always up for adventures! Somehow she also manages to be an amazing wife and mum! Rikke is super cool and if you don’t know her – you certainly need to meet her and have a chat with her. Tons of positive emotions and energy are guaranteed.

After a quick drink and a little sushi snacking we are head to the conference hall. Everyone looks very glamorous, a lot of canapés and champagne on the tables. Party is going to be great :D

Petr organized an amazing performance – he invited dancers and they definitely made a great show for us.

Irina Levchuk is getting a title – the Queen of Eyelash Extensions. And I totally agree. Guess who’s originally trained me, Agnieszka Kwiatkowska, Loretta, Courtney Buhler, Aleksandra Maniušė and many more famous lash artists? Correct, Irina Levchuk. She was the first trainer who brought Russian Volume to Europe and seems like everyone who’s taken her training many years ago is doing very well now. I admire her amazing business skills. She is not just a talented beauty therapist, she is a businesswoman from head to toe. I can’t forget her saying in the training: “Girls, don’t try to do amazing lashes, instead of that try to create a successful business which will be giving you profit without you personally being involved there. So you can lay down on the beach in Maldives, drink cocktails and check how much money has arrived at your account.” I love it... OMG, you can’t even imagine how much I love it. For the last few years, I’ve been trying hard to reach this goal. I’ve already stopped doing lashes, I’ve already stopped teaching. Now my job is mostly admin tasks and it can be easily delegated to one of my managers. Have you noticed how many times I went on holiday last year? :D I’m certainly on the right path and considering moving to Bali in a couple of years. Why not?


Sunday 9 am, Prague, Czech Republic, Conference Hall

Today is a workshop day. All the conference speakers will be showing their skills to conference attendees. My topic – Instagram marketing. I’m doing a workshop together with Marina Larskaya from Russian Queen Lashes. She has great experience in social media marketing and both of us have a lot to tell. A few facts: since we started to look after our Instagram – London Lash brand awareness and sales improved dramatically. Now Instagram is the main marketing platform for us. We have 40k followers who are actively liking and commenting on our posts and who are very loyal to London Lash Brand. It’s amazing how much business you can get from the tool which is absolutely free. No need to pay for Google Adwords any more – social media marketing is ruling the world now. Are you not on Facebook or Instagram yet? Hurry up then, you are losing tons of business.

I’m talking about Instagram marketing next weekend at the Nordic Lash Conference organized by Jane Eriksson, and I will be happy to see you all there.

I’m also planning to create a video blog post about it, so please follow our social media and stay tuned ;) Our Instagram is @london_lash_pro and our Facebook page is London Lash Pro



Sunday 6 pm, Prague, Czech Republic, Conference Hall

I’m totally exhausted and my throat is hurting after talking all day long. I hardly had any breaks and feel like I have no energy at all. But I’m still in a great mood. It was an amazingly productive day, so many positive emotions, so many interesting discussions. It seems like all the girls enjoyed our workshop and I hope that all the tips we gave them will help to create a powerful and engaging Instagram account which will bring lots of new business to them.

All the judges are going for dinner, but I need to go to the airport. Petr is looking after me and arranged food to be packed so I can take it to the airport. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Sunday 7.30 pm, Prague, Czech Republic, International Airport

I started to write this blog post. It seems to be easy to write a blog, but actually it’s not. Well, it’s not difficult, but it’s very time-consuming. Takes at least 3 hours to write a small article. So it’s a perfect new hobby for me – time in the airport and on the flights passes much faster.

Have a great day and I hope you enjoyed reading this post! ;)