London Lash Pro would like to say thank you to all of our AMAZING customers!

Throughout November we have been raising money for Changing Faces, a charity that supports and represents people who have a form of physical disfigurement.

50p for every single order received throughout the month of November, London Lash Pro has donated to Changing Faces so that they can continue their life-changing work.

Thanks to the love and support from you, our London Lash Family, we have managed to donate a total of £ (Click Here)

We’d like to personally thank every single one of you who made a purchase throughout November because, without you, we wouldn’t be able to make a difference!


Our chosen charity for the month of December is Place2Be. Place2Be provides mental health services to primary and secondary schools throughout the UK; helping children cope with wide-ranging and complex social issues. From bullying and bereavement to family breakdown and neglect, Place2Be is truly changing and paving the way schools are dealing with mental health.

For every order placed through our online store in December, we will be donating 50p to Place2Be so that they can continue their invaluable work!

Abigail Madden – London Lash Expert Abigail Madden London Lash Expert @abigail_londonlashpro

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