🎎 Interesting Lash Facts Japan 🇯🇵

🐱🐰 One of the most loved Japanese looks is “cute” or “kawaii”. ⠀
Favourite lash curls are C and B, but instead of placing C curl in the outer corner and B in the middle - Japanese lash technicians place curls in other ways around B on the outer part and C in the middle. 🤔

Classic lashes are more popular than volume lashes in Japan. ⠀
What’s the reason? ⠀
Some lash technicians think that “volume lashes are not suitable for Japanese eyes”, other lash technicians think that classic lashes are popular as they are quick and easy to apply. ⠀

☝🏻Japanese lash technicians charge not for treatment, but for the number of lashes applied ⠀
⏱Time booked for a treatment: 1hour - 100 lashes, 2 hours - 200 lashes ⠀
💴 The price for 200 lashes(full set) will range from 5000 to 12000 yen (40$-110$) depending on the location and experience of the lash technician. ⠀

🕑 Regular salon openings hours are 10 am-9 pm
(However, some of them are opened from 9pm to 5 am 🤷‍♀️)

⠀ ☝🏻Often lash technicians in Japan don’t cover natural lashes in the inner corners of the eyes.
Reason? ⠀
A lot of clients have Mongolian type of eyes (“Moukouhida”), and inner corner natural lashes are covered with a lid. Having lashes in the inner corners might be a bit uncomfortable. ⠀
Also, small extensions in the inner corners might not be very noticeable as they are covered with the lid. ⠀

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