We were all ready to reopen our doors on the 4th of July after four long months away from our beloved clients, but in the Prime Minister’s most recent announcement on the 23rd of June, beauty salons, nail bars and tattoo studios were not among the list of those with the go-ahead to reopen. 

This was a blow to all of us - artists and clients alike - and since then, a number of petitions have taken off across social media platforms. Among the most prolific is the #SalonsAreSafe campaign which is set to take place this Friday, 3rd of July. 

This campaign was put together by the team at Professional Beauty, and gives 3 methods in which we can all work together to get a definitive date from the government regarding when we can all go back to creating lashes and brows for our clients

Step 1: Share photos and videos of the ways that your workspace will be a safe space for treatments when you come to reopen. This includes changes you’ve made in terms of distancing and PPE, and your cleaning methods which, let’s face it, as lash technicians our work spaces are more sterile than the inside of a bottle of hand sanitiser! 

Once you’ve posted these, use the hashtag #SalonsAreSafe and tag your local MP. If you’re not sure who your local MP is, you can put your postcode in here to find out!

If you missed our recent blog post, now would be a great time to brush up on what you can do to make your space super safe! 

Step 2: Download the graphic below to share on your social media channels with the above hashtag, explaining the ways you’ve made your salon safe for reopening.

Step 3: Write to or email your local MP asking for clarity on when salons can reopen. Here, you can explain the measures you’ve put into place to make sure your business is safe. Here is the email template you can use for this:


Local MP

Dear [enter MP name],

I’m writing to ask for your support for a local business in your constituency.

The Government has given the go ahead for hairdressing salons to open on July 4 but not beauty salons or mobile/home-based beauty businesses. However, my business [insert your business name here] is safe and ready to reopen again in accordance to the guidelines for close contact services issued on June 23. Please provide my industry with a definitive date for when we can reopen.

Our sector has a strong and existing standard on hygiene and sanitation, is used to operating in clean environments using PPE and has been active in preparing to go back to work safely.

The industry has also worked with medical professionals to develop enhanced safety guidelines for the skincare and salon sector which go well beyond HM Government’s guidelines. Tens of thousands of professionals across the UK have taken additional certification, pledging to uphold the highest safety and hygiene standards.

My profession, my reputation and my business is at stake. The action of reopening my beauty business is not from a profit perspective, it’s survival. Let me serve the wellbeing of my employees and clients – please provide a definitive date for when the beauty industry can reopen.

The beauty and nail sector alone, excluding hair, employs 120,000 people across 30,000 businesses. I urge you to ask our Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP to support this sector and give us a confirmed date for when the beauty industry can reopen.

I hope you will do your bit to help. 

Yours sincerely

[enter your name, job title and salon name]

Good luck, 

LLP ♥️