This Salon Hack Will Save You So Much Time!

Struggling to explain to clients the difference between Volume sets? It's happened to so many Lash Techs. You sit down with a client for a consultation before their treatment and you begin to ask the usual questions, only to be met with the usual answers of  "I'm not too sure... What are Volume lashes? What are Hybrid lashes?"  and so on... You precious time becomes a lesson on the different volumes and density you offer in your lash sets. And of course, most clients require a visual aid to fully understand the concept of Classic lashes VS 2D, 3D, 4D lashes. So therefore, you begin scrolling through your website or social media to show them examples.

Well no more will you have to spend time and energy repeating yourself over and over. We understand that creating a portfolio book is a task of its own. Compiling pictures and examples, printing them DIY or professionally and then making sure they're categorised and filed correctly does seem like a chore, one you don't have excess time for. So what is one hack you can do to explain to clients in the most simples of ways what Volume Lashes really is?

Our Professional Hack for All Lash Salons

Listen, while this may look like it will take you a long time, being crafty and creative is relaxing and thus, treat this task as a way to let out some steam and ultimately save you so much time during consultations. Simply print out the table you want to include for your examples (be as creative in its design as you like) and take a lash strip of false eyelashes and lash away. From Classic to 5D or even Wispy and Angel Lashes, you don't have to end at the examples we have given you in our video.

This hack is perfect to show off the differences between Classic and Volume lashes but also what else you may have in your repertoire, you could do a whole other frame for different Wispy lash designs, Coloured lash designs and so on. No matter the client's desires, you can have a quick little example on hand for every consultation.

Watch our Lash hack below:

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