The Lash Extensions Pre-treatment Video Tutorial

Whether you're a beginner in eyelash extensions or an expert Lash Artist, you may still have some retention issues from time to time. If you've ever had a client come to you and ask 'Why aren't my eyelash extensions lasting?' or you looked at a client coming for an infill and wondered 'How do I make their eyelash extensions last even longer?' This is the video tutorial you need!


Pre-treatment is not just about the products you use, it's also about technique and proper application. Of course, our London Lash bundle will allow you to use our full 5-Step routine, a comprehensive step-by-step cleansing preparation for your client's lashes. But, you must also allow yourself to learn how to correctly use the products and apply the right amount so that you can provide a thorough cleaning while also saving product.  

Lash Extension Pretreatment Routine Step-By-StepTools

When it comes to what tools you should use, the choice can seem vast and daunting. But, remember it's always about what makes lashing easiest for you. Our range of Micro Fibre Brushes (including Bendable Tip brushes) and Applicators are a staple in the lash extensions world. But, if you're a little more eco-conscious, why not check out our Reusable Handles Range which go hand-in-hand with the Disposable Brush Heads... saving you product and of course, thinking of the environment.


Now that you're up to speed with what you need, check out our video tutorial of our step-by-step guide of how to perform the ideal pre-treatment routine for eyelash extensions: