Maximise Your Profits With These Retail Products Every Lash Tech Needs 

We get it – your lash game is already on point, but why stop there when you can take it to the next level? Have you ever thought about adding an extra dash of revenue to your lash haven? Well, look no further! We've curated a list of must-have retail products that your clients will love, and will also help to add a little extra cha-ching to your business.

1. Lash Shampoos for Clean Lashes

Every masterpiece begins with a clean canvas, right? These gentle lash cleansers not only prep the natural lashes for eyelash extensions but also remove makeup residue, dirt, and oils and extend the life of those beautiful lash extensions. Recommend it as the first step in their at-home lash aftercare routine to keep those lash extensions looking their best. Retailing lash shampoo is a win-win for both you and your clients. Your clients will love the squeaky-clean feeling and their longer-lasting lashes, and you'll love the boost in your retail revenue.

Lash cleanser for cleansing natural lashes and eyelash extensions

2. Lash & Brow Cleansing Brushes

Upgrade your clients' daily aftercare routine with specially made lash and brow cleansing brushes. These little wonders are the perfect sidekick for maintaining the cleanliness of both lashes and brows. They’re a small investment for your clients that ensures their lash extensions stay in tip-top shape, and for you, it's an extra revenue stream that keeps on giving. A little luxury that goes a long way! 

Lash brush for cleansing natural lashes and eyelash extensions

3. Lash Tumblers

Who said hydration can't be glamorous? Introduce a touch of sass to your retail game with some lash-themed merchandise like our ‘Lash Baddie’ Tumblers. They're not just containers; they're a statement. Encourage your clients to stay hydrated with these Instagram-worthy accessories that are perfect for those on the go. They can sip in style while flaunting their fabulous lashes. 

Lash supplies for Lash Technicians

4. Mascara Wands

Every Lash Technician's secret weapon – the mascara wand. They’re not just for post-application touch-ups. They're also the ideal tool for clients to keep their lashes looking flawless between appointments. It's the little touch that makes a big difference, and your clients will thank you for it. 

Eyelash brushes for brushing natural lashes and eyelash extensions

5. Aftercare Leaflets for Eyelash Extensions

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to lash aftercare. Empower your clients to care for their lashes like pros with informative aftercare leaflets. Hand them out after each appointment like the lash guru you are, and watch as your clients become well-versed in the art of lash love. 

Eyelash extension aftercare leaflets for lash extensions

6. Aftercare Kit for Henna Brows

For clients who have indulged in the art of henna brows, it's crucial to recommend specialised aftercare products to ensure the longevity of the beautiful tint. So Henna’s Brow Oil, enriched with nourishing ingredients, serves as a protective shield against external elements, preserving the vibrancy of the henna colour for an extended period. This nourishing Brow Oil not only promotes colour retention but also hydrates and conditions the brow hairs and skin, leaving clients with impeccable results between appointments. Whilst brow henna is a gentle product, it is still drying, and therefore it’s crucial that your clients add the moisture back in post-treatment. Make sure to include a brow brush to help with fully coating the brow hairs and brushing them into the desired place.

It’s also a good idea to offer a gentle foam cleanser Brow Shampoo for everyday cleansing. Using harsh cleansers or exfoliators on henna brows can cause premature and uneven fading, which is not what your clients want! Make sure you educate your clients and set them up for brow henna success with the right products. 

Brow oil for henna brows aftercare

7. Aftercare Kit for Lash Lifts

When it comes to lash lifts, a top-notch aftercare routine is key to maintaining the lift's longevity and keeping lashes healthy. Of course, InLei® has a range of must-have aftercare retail items for clients seeking a long-lasting lift. The InLei® Fashion Lash Conditioner nourishes and hydrates the lashes, preventing dryness and brittleness. For clients looking to grow their natural lashes, the InLei® Adiutrix Lash Serum is a game changer! It promotes growth as well as providing a protective barrier to the lashes. This lash serum benefits from the properties of the mullein flower to get beautiful shiny lashes that are soft to the touch!

Another great product to retail to your lash lift clients is the InLei® Frida Mascara. Whilst it’s okay to use a standard mascara after a lash lift, the Frida Mascara is 100% lash lift safe and contains peptides, amino acids, and Keratix, which actually regenerates the hair at the same time, promoting long-lasting health.

By recommending these products, you not only ensure the longevity of the lash lift but also provide clients with the means to care for their lashes post-treatment, fostering a positive relationship and boosting your retail income and professional reputation. 

Mascara for eyelash extensions and lash lifts

8. Aftercare Kits for Brown Lamination

When it comes to brow lamination, aftercare is essential to maintain the groomed and polished look. The previously mentioned Adiutrix Serum is a Lash and Brow Serum which means it can be used after both treatments! It is the perfect retail addition to your offerings. This serum is designed to nourish and strengthen brow hairs, promoting a healthier growth cycle. Enriched with vitamins and peptides, it ensures that clients' brows not only look fabulous but also stay in optimal condition. 

Just like with henna brows, harsh cleansers or exfoliating products can affect both the brow tint and the structure of the brow lamination, so retailing a brow shampoo is a great way to make sure clients are using gentle products that are specifically formulated for their brow lamination! You can pair this with a spoolie to help your clients maintain their brows for weeks after their treatment.
Brow and lash serum for brow lamination and lash lamination

So, there you have it, Lash Technicians! Stock up on these retail goodies, and watch as your clients leave your beauty room with more than just stunning lashes. Get ready to see your retail revenue soar. After all, your clients deserve the best, and so do you. Happy lashing!