St. Valentine’s day has its roots in the pagan fertility festival Lupercalia in ancient Rome between 13-15 of February. Celebrations involved lots of naked folk running through the streets spanking young women on the backsides with leather whips to improve their fertility. Luckily for us, this tradition was banned by the early Christian Church 😉

As you may suspect, it was a Frenchman who was recorded as sending the very first Valentine’s note to his sweetheart from his prison cell in the Tower of London. The poem he wrote was to his beloved wife, where he refers to her as “my very sweet Valentine”. French… so romantic 😍

In 1847 this English tradition was introduced to the American public, and that is when the magic really started! Today in the US alone, people spend approximately 190 million Valentine’s cards a year, while worldwide the number is close to 1 billion! The commercial aspect is also increasing every year - today in the UK, people spend around £1.3 billion on not only Valentine's cards but also chocolates, flowers or even jewelry for their very own special Valentine.

But it’s not only people who receive Valentine's gifts. Based on retail statistics 3% of pet owners will also give a gift to their lovely fur babies!

If you are single with no pet to celebrate Valentine's day with, just like me, don’t despair, you can get yourself a bottle of prosecco and celebrate Singles Awareness Day instead! Plus, on the 15th there will be lots of promotions on chocolate boxes 😉 Or you can simply go to Finland for the day where Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the “Friend Day”, aww.

You can also,  together with 15% of American women, sendyourself Valentine's card or flowers, or take advantage of LLP Valentines Day special offer and get yourself brand new Glamcor light. Good for both work and to produce outstanding selfies (so you can pimp your tinder profile 😜)