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With 10 shades and 2 enhancers in the Brow Xenna range, there is a suitable shade for every client. For a full breakdown of what shades suit who best, read on!

Brow Xenna has 10 shades that range from the lightest blond to the darkest brown, varying in undertones. We know that blondes are often hard to accommodate for in the brow tinting world but Brow Xenna’s range includes the perfect shades for even the lightest of hairs.

Blond #1: Pearl blond is our first blond shade. Alone this is a shade that has little to no tint on the skin and has a warm undertone that means it often appears yellow. However, if mixed with blond #3, it creates the perfect neutral light blond that will compliment the fairest of skin tones and hair colours. It can be applied in layers to build the perfect depth for any client. 

Blond #2: Light blond is our second blond shade. With very cool undertones, this will suit the eyebrows of any cool-skinned, bright blond beauty. Mixed with Brown #3, it can be used to perfectly compliment the skin tone of those clients that have dyed their hair platinum or white blond. 

Blond #3: Light chestnut is a warm, mid blond that can be applied using the tapping technique to build the perfect shade for your clients. If mixed with our Brown #1 shade, its warm properties can be cooled down and beautifully compliments your mousy-haired clients. 

Blond #4: Golden blond is a warm blond shade, similar to Blond #1 in that it can be cooled down by using other brunette shades. It will suit those warmer, olive skinned clients with dark blond or light brown hair with reddish undertones. Golden blond mixed with Brown #1 this shade becomes the perfect tint for your natural red headed clients too!

Blond #5: Dark blond is the last, but definitely not least, of the blond shades. Dark blond is one of our best selling shades, able to stand alone and create the perfect cool toned tint for your darker haired blondes. It has minimal staining on the skin but this means that it is extremely good for our male clients that often request a more natural look! With that being said, like other shades, the more you build the henna in layers, the deeper and stronger the stain can be!

Brown #1: Neutral brown is a reddish-brown shade. And it’s the perfect shade for older clients that want a nice warm and natural look to their brows. If brushed on, it gives the perfect natural finish and the colour is light. If tapped, the colour can be built to create the perfect shade for many brunette clients! 

Brown #2: Cold coffee is one of our most popular shades! It is ideal for naturally dark brunettes with already dark brows and creates the perfect shade for those cool toned clients. It’s a very universal shade for a wide range of clients and proves why it is one of our best sellers.

Brown #3: Rich Taupe is a very intense dark brown. It is cool toned brunette shade, perfect for creating bold, powerful brows. For those clients, that are very dark haired but prefer a more natural looking brow, it can easily be mixed with Brown #1 or #2 to lighten it slightly. 

Brown #4: Bitter Chocolate is a cool toned, milk chocolate shade. It appears more brown on warm skin tones, and understandably, more cool on cooler skin tones. It’s a universal shade, similar to Cold Coffee but just that little bit lighter. It can be mixed with Cold Coffee in fact for the perfect mid-toned brunette shade.

Brown #5: Frosty Chestnut is our final brunette shade, it’s a warm shade with violet-like undertones. It is a shade best used alone in order to benefit from the rich undertones that it has to offer. Perfect for warming up the face of those intensely dark haired but fair skinned clients! 


Abigail Madden – London Lash Expert Abigail Madden London Lash Expert @abigail_londonlashpro

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