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So today we are talking BROWS! Every woman today wants the perfect style, whether that’s the high arched style of Cara Delevigne for the younger generation or the rounded style brows styled by the likes of Julia Roberts for the more mature audience.

The Lena Levi pencil provides an excellent end of treatment option for all lash technicians offering brow treatments! Your clients should walk away looking and feeling amazing, but what happens when a treatment like a brow tinting starts to wear off?

We have all had clients come back after not following the correct aftercare advice, so how can we reduce this problem? Well by providing them with a quality aftercare product, it not only reflects the prestige of your salon but also provides them with a fix until they are able to return for another treatment.

So what is it?The Lena Levi brow pencil is a waterproof contour wrap pencil. It guarantees delicate blending, so no harsh lines and is super easy to apply. After using the product myself I must also add it has stunning colour saturation. It is available in 7 beautiful shades that DO NOT lose their colour or run for at least 16 hours after application.

What does it do?The idea of the Lena Levi pencil is to fill in any gaps in sparse eyebrows, to always keep them looking full and to give you or your client the dream brows you have always desired.

Why would I want to buy it?

Well, the answer to this question is an easy one.Whether you are a salon owner or a client this pencil will be a perfect aftercare product to have in your kit, on your shelves or even in your makeup bag!

For salon owners that offer a waxing or tinting treatment, the Lena Levi pencil will fill in any gaps or any areas where the tint has not been as prominent after treatment.

You can recommend the Lena Levi pencil after the treatment has finished and also remind the client that it is not just available for lash technicians but available for them to purchase in your salon.

All in all the pencil is a fantastic product. It glides over the skin beautifully! Its application is very smooth and the product is simple to use, I would say it is a fantastic luxury item that will boost your sales and make your clients extremely happy.

It is now available to buy at https://www.londonlashpro.com/products/contour-wrap-brow-pencil-lena-levi?variant=12266440818799

Courtney Dixon

Abigail Madden – London Lash Expert Abigail Madden London Lash Expert @abigail_londonlashpro

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