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Lena Levi Brow HD Light Finish Highlighter (3 colours)

Brow HD Light Finish Highlighter

Brow HD Light Finish Highlighter is a universal corrector with an airy creamy texture. Lena Levi highlighter masks imperfections, gives the skin a healthy glow, and emphasizes the line of the eyebrows, making greater contrast. The highlighter can be used as a tonal highlighter, or as a final stroke when correcting eyebrows.

Lena Levi Light Finish Highlighter comes in three colors for any skin type.

Our colours:

#01 Crème Brulee

#02 Sweet Orchid

#03 Vanilla Cream

Directions for use:

Using an angled or rounded brush, take a little of the highlighter and evenly distribute it on the eyebrows.