Power Bond eyelash extensions glue/adhesive


Power Bond is a new revolutionary adhesive which has been designed especially for advanced eyelash extension technicians with at least 2-3 years of experience! It is so fast drying it does not leave you time to reposition the extensions. Once the extensions touch a lash, it is sealed! Therefore it is perfect for eyelash technicians who can work quickly but are slowed down by other adhesives.

If you use a jade stone or glass holder for the glue, you can keep the drop on for 30 minutes before it needs to be changed. If you prefer using glue rings or other glue holders in contact with your skin, please change the glue drop more often as the drying time will be increased. Eyelashes applied correctly on well-prepared and cleaned lashes will last for up to 6 weeks

Tips for perfect use:
The recommended humidity for the glue is between 50% and 65%. If the humidity is lower, the glue will dry slower, and higher humidity will result in too rapid drying, which may affect the retention.

For the best results, POWER BOND should be used along with LONDON LASH Protein Removing pads: this will clean the lashes from traces of make up and natural oils, providing perfectly clean base for the extensions to hold on to.

ALWAYS shake the POWER BOND for at least 1 minute before each use/opening!  Make sure you put the cap on firmly to keep adhesive from air contact. 

The drop used should be neither too large (the greater the surface, the greater the chance that come into direct contact with the air), nor too small (the risk is that it will dry immediately).

To avoid waste, do not add fresh glue to previous drops from the bottle (the contact between drop "old" and "new" will make the glue gooey in just 5 minutes), it also strongly recommended to change the drop by every 30 minutes passed.
The glue does not like the changes in temperature: please store it in a cool, dry place but not in a fridge as the humidity in a fridge is high!

After opening, the glue will last for up to 3 months if used properly and being shaken well before each opening. 

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