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Mink/Silk 0.15 thickness - labelled as D curl but it is CC

"I'm still beautiful, I just have the wrong label!"*

*Outlet MAYFAIR & CHELSEA eyelash extensions 0.15 thickness have been discounted as they are labelled as D curl, but the curl is actually a CC curl. But don't worry, they still give beautiful CC curl classic results that you and your clients will love! 

Outlet MAYFAIR eyelash extensions are available for CLASSIC 1 to 1 application, in 11MM and 13MM. 

Outlet CHELSEA eyelash extensions are also available for CLASSIC 1 to 1 application in 11MM.

This product is: 

- Vegan

- Latex-Free

- Not tested on animals

- Formaldehyde-Free

All our lashes are made from 100% Synthetic fibre.