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Hanna Lash & Go Lashes (OUTLET)


The strip to which the lashes are stuck is a bit too sticky so the lashes have a tendency to tear when being removed from the box.

To use these lashes we would recommend taking your time and being a bit more gentle than usual when removing the lash from the strip.


Fed up of strip lashes never fitting your eyes right?

How annoying is it when you have to keep trimming lash strips to fit your eyes perfectly, but then you get scissor happy and they end up being too short!? Well, we have solved this problem for you!

With Hanna Volume Lashes you can build your own perfect lash look, with as many or as little as you desire! Want something sublte? use a couple. Want something big and dramatic? Use as many as your heart desires! Once you use our Lash&Go kit you will never consider going back to regular strip lashes again!

Application in just 5 minutes with no risk of damage to the natural lashes! These will quickly turn into your go-to lashes for hassle free beauty.