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LLP Paper Palette Organiser

We all love keeping our lash palettes safe and tidy, right? Absolutely! We also love being environmentally friendly, an easy clean up and something styling and effortlessly beautiful (like you)!


Say hello to London Lash Pro's newest innovation - the paper palette organiser! That's right, PAPER! The high quality, environmentally friendly way to keep your lashes safe and organised. This palette organiser includes 10 palettes, to help you keep your lashes organised by length, curl, or even by client! 


But LLP, why is it in the outlet? - There is one small issue with this organiser, and that is that the grooves that the palettes slot into are ever so slightly wonky. This doesn't affect the use of the palettes or the outward appearance, but we want to make sure you know about any flaw or defect prior to purchase!


Dimensions of the organiser:17cm(height)x14cm(width)x 18cm(length)

Dimensions of the palettes: 15x13cm