Whether they're new, less well known, or are otherwise underrated, these are the products that we want you to love as much as we do! 


Crystal Bond – A clear lash glue is perfect for creating a seamless bond with colored lash extensions! What could be more perfect for the upcoming festive season?!

Black Brown lashes in 0.05 – Create gorgeous soft mega volume lash sets, or use for closed fans in the most stunning wispy lash sets!

Satin Bond – our most gradually drying glue. Satin Bond is perfect for beginners especially, but will be your holy grail if your humidity increases during the winter months!

Retention Duo – Superbonder and Booster each snagged one of the top spots, but did you know that you could grab them together in one handy bundle? Save even more than normal and add a bundle to your basket today!

Camellia Lashes – Wispy volume lashes have never been easier than Camellia lashes make them! These easy fan lashes have two lengths on each strip which are 2mm apart, so all you need to do is grab them and lash!

... Plus some other lesser-known faves!

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