Love them or hate them, premade fans are simply a sign of the times! The lash industry is changing and they open the door to so many new opportunities. Try to consider that maybe using premade fans will change the way you lash for the better!
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But if you’re still contemplating whether you should use premade fans or not, here are a few things to think about:

It’s not about you, it’s about your client. 

Forget the rules, forget what you’ve been taught to be ‘correct.’ We know it’s hard when you’ve invested so much into your craft but you need to remember one thing.Making your client happy should be your top priority.You may have been taught to give a particular style to a certain eye type but if your client is adamant to have something longer or fuller, then give it to them. Your client may not want to lay on the lash bed for 4 hours whilst you hand-make your fans either. You may have clients that are unwell, unfit, they may be pregnant or they simply may not have the time to hang around for that long! So why not use premade fans to ensure they’re satisfied and happy? Don’t forget: a happy client is a returning client! 


Time is money and premade helps you save both!

Our premade fans are made out of a beautiful delicate black lash fiber and theypromise resultsjust as good as those with handmade fans -only in much less time! And if you can promise perfect results with shorter treatment time, you could definitely consider upping your prices. I know, we know, and you probably know,clients would without a doubt be willing to pay more if they’re promised beautiful lashes in a much more comfortable time frame. 

And better yet, our premade fans are extremely cost-effective - especially in comparison with those already existing on the market. Our market research shows the average price per individual premade fan is 8p currently. Whereas ours isapproximately 4p per fan! And although theoretically speaking, this is more expensive than hand-making fans, when speaking to a lot of students, trainers, ambassadors, and so many other lovely lash techs’, they’ve been able tocharge up to £10 more in return for that shorter treatment time. This not only covers the costs of a premade box butmakes a little bit of profit too!



The industry is evolving and you should too

But don’t forget - using premade fansdoes not mean you are no longer a skilled lash tech! The importance of cleaning, priming, styling, and applying still stands. And we do truly understand that after having trained for so long to master the art of Russian volume that the idea of premade fans can be a little frustrating. But try not to think of premade as something that will ruin all of this. Premade fans only skip one step - they do not skip the invaluable pre and post-treatment steps that lead to beautiful, long-lasting lashes! You still need to understand the art of volume lashing. Just try to consider: premade will only up to your lash game, they will not degrade it. 


Try premade fans for yourself!