5 of the BEST Things About PREMADE VOLUME FANS!

You’ll undoubtedly know by now that our Premade fans are back and better than ever, but you may not know all the best things about them! To bring you up to speed, we’ve put together our 5 FAVOURITE things about premade lash fans! 

They’re Eco-Friendly

Coming to you in our signature matchbox style, completely recyclable design, every part of the packaging of these premade volume fans is completely recyclable! 

Single length trays are more eco-friendly still, being as you don’t end up with leftover rows of the lash lengths you don’t use as often - they give you full control over which lengths you have available which means you’ll use every last fan, so no more mostly empty boxes lying around until you get fed up with the clutter and throw them out anyway!

They Save You Time

Whichever way you look at it, premade fans save you time as you don’t have to create your fans by hand and perfect them - that’s already been done for you. Now, when a client arrives late or realises they’ve double booked themselves and needs to leave early (or for those who come in wearing lots of eye makeup who need a more thorough cleanse) you can give them the lovely full set that they crave without sacrificing the safety of your work.

They Make You MORE Money 

That’s right - premade fans make you extra money in more ways than one! The first way that you make more money with promade fans is simply by saving time - by halving your appointment time for a volume set, you’re effectively doubling your availability - more appointment slots = more clients = more money! 

PRO TIP: For the first couple of full sets you do with premade fans just book your clients in, book them in for the time you would usually book them in if you were making your fans by hand so that you can get an idea of how much time you save! (If you’re finding that you have LOADS of time leftover, why not get a little bit more content for your social media?)

The second way premade fans will make you more money is simply that you can actually charge more for a set of lashes made with premade fans! Think about it - how often do you pay more for a faster service that’s just as reliable? Express shipping, fast-track queues at theme parks, etc. - why not for lashes? 

They Make Your Clients Happy

This is an important aspect of anything you do in your lash career - making your clients happy is the difference between a long and illustrious career and a flash in the pan marred by less than favourable reviews. 

The products you choose for your clients should serve at least the purpose of giving them the standard of treatment you would want to receive, but consider as well that in saving them time, making them feel looked after during the treatment and making them feel glam and gorgeous when they leave the salon (or when you leave their home - we see you mobile lashers!) will all be factors which will earn you big positive review points! 

Premade fans tick all of those boxes - they look great, they’re faster than handmade so your client isn’t laying still for as long, and they feel super glam and fluffy! 

They Look as Good and Last as Well as Handmade Fans

The title is the point in itself here, but what I will say is that having had a full set with premade fans for the first time recently, these lashes are the stuff of dreams! They looked flawless, they stayed super fluffy (I was still giving them a brush through after each wash, or course!) and the retention was so much better than I expected - I’m talking no lashes lost without the outgrown natural lash and no gaps for more than 3 weeks - they looked fresh the whole time! 

There are so many selling points of premade fans for both you and your clients - if you haven’t used them before give them a go! There’s really no downside!