The Ultimate Aftercare Guide for Lash Extensions in Winter

Winter has arrived, and it's time to talk about how your eyelash extension clients can keep their stunning lashes in tip-top shape during the colder months. We'll also dive into some makeup tips for those festive holiday gatherings and explore the best skincare hacks to maintain healthy skin while flaunting those gorgeous lash extensions. As we dive into this frosty season, let's make sure your clients know how to keep their lash game strong!

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Eyelash Extension Aftercare in Winter

Shield from the Elements

Winter often means rain, snow, and sleet, which can be harsh on the lashes. Encourage your clients to protect their lash extensions by wearing a hat or using an umbrella when needed as a barrier to help shield their delicate lashes from unpleasant weather conditions. 

Avoid Heat

As the weather cools down, many of your clients will be tempted to soak in a hot bath or steamy shower. So, advise your clients to be cautious, use cooler water temperatures, and have quicker showers, as steam can weaken the bonds of the eyelash extension glue and cause premature lash extension loss. People may also use heated styling tools more often, so you should encourage your clients to be mindful of using high heat near their lashes, as this, too, can affect both the eyelash extensions and the lash glue.

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Lash Serums Are Saviours

Winter's cold and dry air can make the natural lashes more brittle. Recommend a lash serum to your clients to keep their lashes strong and healthy during the Winter months.

Regular Lash Extension Infills

Emphasise the importance of maintaining regular lash extension infills throughout the Winter season. Regular upkeep will ensure that their lashes look full and flawless, even as the natural lashes shed.

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Makeup Tips for Holiday Festivities

Choose Lash-Friendly Makeup Products

Recommend that your clients use water-based or oil-free makeup products, as they’re less likely to weaken the lash glue bonds of their eyelash extensions. Your clients should also take care to avoid wearing any mascara (especially waterproof mascara!) as it can be hard to remove and potentially damage the lash extensions. Believe it or not, oil-based products can weak their way in-between the eyelash glue bonds and the natural lash, causing the lash extensions to prematurely fall out! Advise them to look for brands with products that are labelled "lash extension safe" like the InLei® Frida Mascara, to be extra cautious.

Practise Gentle Makeup Application

When your client is applying makeup near their eyes or lash lines like eyeliner or eyeshadow, it’s important that they use a gentle touch and try not to apply too much pressure. They should avoid tugging or pulling on their lashes at all costs, as this can lead to lash loss or damage. Lash extensions are delicate and should be treated like the precious gems they are!

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Say NO to Heavy Glitter

We all love a bit of glitter at Christmas, as a little sparkle can add a touch of magic to any holiday look. However, heavy or chunky glitter can be a real lash extension killer! Their particles can get trapped in the lashes, leading to irritation and potential damage. Instead, encourage your clients to opt for finely milled, loose glitter and to apply it sparingly. This will be safer for the eyelash extensions, and your clients will still be able to get that festive sparkle!

Beware of False Lashes!

While false lashes can enhance a holiday look, wearing false lasheson top of eyelash extensions will strain the natural lashes and cause damage due to the extra weight! If your client is adamant that they want to change up their lash look for the holiday season, then you could recommend for them to have a partial lash removal where you can remove some of their existing lash extensions and replace them with Premade Lash Fans for some additional volume, or add some Premade Lash Spikes for the dash of drama they desire. Another option could be replacing some of their current lash extensions with festive-coloured lashes like red or green for a gorgeous pop of colour!

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Removing Makeup with Lash Extensions

Oil-Free Removers

Encourage your clients to invest in makeup removers that are specifically designed for eyelash extensions and are oil-free. These products are gentle and won't weaken the eyelash glue like using oil-based products will. 

Gentle Technique 

To avoid getting cotton fibres stuck in their lashes while removing their makeup, suggest that they soak lint-free cloths or microfibre makeup remover pads with their chosen makeup remover and hold it over their closed eye for a few seconds. Then, gently wipe around the eyes to remove any makeup residue and prevent any pulling on their eyelash extensions.  

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Clean Those Lashes!

After your client has removed their makeup, it's essential that they cleanse their lashes thoroughly using a specially formulated Lash Shampoo and Cleansing Lash Brush. Your clients having a great eyelash extension aftercare routine is crucial for maintaining amazing lash extension retention, so show them how to correctly clean their lashes with a gentle lather and rinse, making sure to rinse away any residue and delicately pat their lashes dry with a lint-free cloth or let them air dry. 

London Lash Top Tip: One of the easiest ways you can help promote excellent eyelash extension aftercare for your clients whilst also giving your revenue a little boost is to provide your own lash extension aftercare kits that have everything your clients will need all in one place! Some items that you could include in your kit are a Lash Shampoo, a Cleansing Lash BrushEyelash Brush, and an Aftercare Leaflet with instructions they can follow.

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Skincare with Eyelash Extensions in Winter 

Hydration is Key

As we’ve previously mentioned, the cold Winter air can be harsh on both the skin and lashes and rob them of their moisture. This is why we recommend that your clients should be using a quality moisturiser, but remind them to steer clear of heavy creams near the eye area. 

No Oil-Based Products

Remind clients to avoid oil-based skincare products as they can break down the lash glue. Instead, recommend that they choose oil-free cleansers and moisturisers for their face.

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Share this guide with your clients to ensure they have the knowledge they need to keep their eyelash extensions looking fabulous all Winter long. As a trusted Lash Technician, your advice will help them embrace the Winter season with confidence, and with the right aftercare, they’ll be fluttering those gorgeous lashes at every holiday festivity!