Friends, Kittens, Lash Queens - we were all geared up to reopen our salons on the 4th of July, but after the announcement this week, it is clear that we will have to wait just a little while longer! Given that we’ve got a little bit of extra time on our hands, and the fact that after these unprecedented times, there is going to be a completely new level of ‘normal’ which we will all - lash techs and clients alike - have to adapt and adhere to, we thought it would be a good idea to write down a few things to help you get back into the swing of things, as soon as we get the go-ahead!

Have you thought about the new rules you’ll be putting in place for clients and staff members? What and who clients will be allowed to bring? What they should wear? How can you ensure you are minimising the risk of spreading Covid-19? We’re all in the same boat here, so we came up with this handy guide to help you go back to work without extra stress! 

One of the most important steps to take before you even think about uploading that ‘WE’RE BACK!’ social media post is that you go into your salon and clean everything! Wipe down surfaces, wash any and all bed covers and pillow cases, and re-sanitise your tools! Have a look at inLeiF360 Sanitiser Spray, or F Plus Sanitising Liquid for some gentle but effective solutions! If you’re not already, you’ll do well to cover the whole bed and pillow with couch roll so that you’re limiting how much of the client makes contact with the bed cover!

All clean? Let’s think about what we’re going to do when the doors are open.

You’ll want to reduce footfall - the fewer people in one space the better. Of course, social distancing is tricky when you have to literally rest on someone’s forehead for upwards of an hour, but you can at least limit your exposure. 

We suggest implementing two new policies here - appointment only, and no guests! Appointment only means that you don’t take walk-ins, no matter how much they plead! If they don't have an appointment, they don’t get through the door. This means that yes, you are limiting your exposure, but you are also able to schedule time between clients to clean up - replacing the couch roll on the bed, giving your tools an extra wipe down, taking a breath of fresh air, etc. 

No guests means exactly what it sounds like it means - no boyfriends, girlfriends, mums, kids, best friends. No-one other than the client comes through that door with them. There is no waiting area or social area. It may seem cruel, but it’s the way things have to be, at least for a while. 

What else should you put in place?

  • No phones! Phones must be kept in their bag unless they are making payment using bank transfer or Apple/Android/Google Pay. No exceptions. 
  • Hand sanitiser on entry, and a face mask to be worn at all times from the moment just before they set foot in the salon, to the moment they leave. 
  • No cash! Have you ever heard of anyone sanitising their cash? No. So don’t take it. If you don’t have a card reader, go for PayPal transfer (friends or family, ideally) or Bank transfer. If you do have a card reader, try to keep it to contactless payments and make sure it is wiped clean afterwards regardless. If the customer can’t pay contactless, it’s best to have them transfer the funds as well. Card readers and cash payments are such an easy and overlooked way to spread germs without even thinking about it!
  • BYOB - yes, bottle. If your client is a thirsty person they should be encouraged to bring their own bottled water to stay hydrated. For the foreseeable future, drinks cannot be provided, even in disposable cups. 
  • BYOB - this time, the B stands for blanket. If your client is on the colder side, they are welcome to bring their own blanket to snuggle in, and they should be advised to dress warmly

What else can you do?

Well, it might not be the cutest thing ever, but we’ve recently started stocking a line ofPPE which is designed to cover your whole face during treatments. It won’t scratch easily, and it’s completely clear so you’ll be able to see clearly the whole time you are carrying out the treatment. We also have a snazzy pair of goggles to keep your eyes safe, if you’re not into full-face coverage. 

We’d also suggest a tunic which can be removed and washed easily, to prevent you taking home any germs!