What Makes Glamcor Lighting so Perfect for Lash Extensions Technicians?

It would be very very easy for us to simply write ‘Glamcor is the best light for eyelash extensions, fact!’ and call it a day - we considered it too, but we really do love these lamps, and we want you to love them too! To that end, we thought it made sense to write a little bit about what makes Glamcor lamps so great, and why you NEED one as a lash technician. 

Glamcor Lamps are Adjustable

Glamcor takes adjustable to a new level - you can adjust the height, the arm width, where the arms sit, and the brightness. The design of a Glamcor lamp basically means that you can totally tailor it to your exact needs any time, any place. 

Glamcor Lighting is Professional

Glamcor lamps are well-renowned, they’re not only used by lash technicians, but are the lights used by so many makeup artists, tattoo artists, medical clinics, photographers, internet content creators and so many more sectors! They show that you have a high level of professionalism, and you take your work seriously. 

The Glamcor vs Ring Light Debate

We hear this a lot. Like, A LOT. There is a lot to be said for a ring light - yes, they will light a face evenly but only if that face is looking right at the lamp and isn’t obstructed by, say, a lash technician bending over the client to attach their lashes. Will they make your photos look great? Yes. Will they help you light a client’s face equally from both sides and all angles? Not as much as a Glamcor lamp! The two arms which are both independently adjustable will be a game-changer when it comes to putting the light you need exactly where you need it. Glamcor lights are also so much easier to travel with, because they basically fold up! When you receive your Glamcor, it will be in a surprisingly small bag (which is a carry case for easy transportation, by the way) and weighs surprisingly little. If you’re a mobile technician a Glamcor lamp is an absolute dream. It takes minutes to assemble, minutes to put away and takes up such little space you’ll barely know it’s there. 

Glamcor Lighting Will Protect You From Eye Strain

Glamcor lamps have 5 brightness settings which are super easy to adjust, so you never have to squint or bend too close to the client’s eyes in order to see what you’re doing. The enhanced white light 5,600K LEDs mean that you always have daylight literally at your fingertips. Isolating issues will be a thing of the past and your placement will always be flawless. Glamcor’s daylight bulbs produce a white light, which causes less eye strain, and in turn causes less headaches. This is good for you AND your client, as your eyes will be happy and not overworked, even after hours and hours of treatment, and your client will wake up from their lash nap feeling refreshed.

Compact Lighting for Lash Technicians

Glamcor lamps take up next to no room - the stand itself is about two centimetres wide so if you’re short on space and you need to push two lash beds together, you absolutely can do so without sacrificing your lighting! 

If you’re even more pressed for space than most, the new Glamcor Reveal is a single arm lamp which clamps onto the beauty bed, taking up absolutely no floor space. Its super compact size and affordable price tag make it an absolutely flawless choice for beginners and mobile technicians alike!

They Will Make Your Photos Amazing

The light produced from a Glamcor lamp will take your photography game from a 6 to a solid 10! Again, that adjustability comes into play, not only with the specific arm placement, but also the brightness settings. The compact size also helps a great deal if you have lots of other camera equipment because it just doesn’t take up too much space! With a Multimedia Extreme, you can even put your phone in the attached stand, and boom - you're saving space on a tripod too!

All in all, a Glamcor lamp is a staple of any lash kit if you want to offer the best, most professional service. If you ever wondered what kit you would need to set up a lash studio - this is your lamp, hands down!