When you’ve put in all the hard work to ensure beautiful lashes and very happy clients, you deserve the recognition! And sometimes, regular photographs were taken on your mobile phone just don’t do justice to the amount of time and effort you’ve put into your work. Placing a regular camera lens within 3cm of your client's eye will mean the image is unfocused and blurry, making it hard to sell yourself as the talented lash technician that you are.

London Lash Pro’s new Clip-On Phone Lens is the solution to all these problems! This 2-in-1 lens comes with wide-angle and macro views that allow you to create high-quality images without the high prices of a professional photographer. It is compatible with all phones, iPhone and Android, with a soft lens clip to attach the lens to the front of your existing camera that ensures that there is no marking, no scratching - just sharp and focused photographs for all your Instagram needs!

Watch the video below to see just how this lens can be used to boost your follower count by thousands, just like London Lash Pro did!