'Can I have the same as my friend?' How many times have you heard thatas a lash technician?

We’ve all been there, seeing our friends wearing a beautiful dress or gorgeous shoes that they make look so good that we want to wear them too! However, it’s simply not possible with our lashes and every time a client asks for the same lashes as their friends, here’s a list of reasons why this can’t be:

  1. We all have different shapes of eyes and lash style should differ to compliment each individual.
  2. We all have different size eyes and lash length is decided on what will suit the eye size best.
  3. We all have a different curl to our natural lashes and lash curl will be decided to compliment this.
  4. We all have different amounts of lashes per eyes so the lash volume will differ between individuals.
  5. We all have a different personal style so our lashes should complement this also.
  6. But most importantly, we all have different personalities! And our lashes should reflect this in the greatest way possible.

It is important to create a client experience that is tailored and bespoke for the individual and it’s not always easy to tell a client ‘no.’ Instead, use these reasons to let them know that you’re doing exactly what’s best for them, to make them feel and look the best they can. After all, you want to enhance theirnatural beauty and keep them coming back!