All I Want for Christmas is Lashes: Gift Ideas for Lash Lovers

'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread some holiday cheer and lash love, than with the perfect Christmas gifts? Whether you're searching for the ideal present for your loyal clients or looking to treat yourself, we've got you covered with some fantastic ideas in our Christmas gift guide for the lash enthusiasts in your life. So let's dive into the world of lash-tastic presents!

Lash Technician with lash supplies in Christmas presents

Gift Ideas for Lash Technicians to Give to Their Eyelash Extension Clients


Lash Extension Survival Kit: Assemble a handy survival kit with lash essentials like adhesive-friendly eyeliner, a lash brush, and a mini lash mirror. It's perfect for clients on the go who want to maintain their lash extensions in style.

Lash-Themed Merchandise: Consider offering branded lash-themed merchandise like tote bags, mugs, or keychains, all customisable with your logo or salon name. It's a great way for clients to proudly show off their love for lashes!

Holiday Lash Gift Cards: Spread the joy by giving the gift of beauty this holiday season with gift cards for lash extensions or other beauty services. It's also a thoughtful way for your clients’ loved ones to pamper your clients during the holiday season. Offering holiday-themed gift cards that clients can use for their next lash appointment or to purchase lash products is a gift that can be perfectly tailored to their own lash needs.

Lash Aftercare kits: Clean lashes are happy lashes! So show your clients you care about the longevity and health of their lashes with a customised lash aftercare kit for them. You could include essentials like a gentle lash shampoo and cleansing eyelash brush, a lash wand, a lash serum to help their natural lashes grow longer and stronger, and an aftercare booklet with instructions for keeping their lashes clean and pristine. If you wanted to add a touch of luxury to your lash aftercare kits this festive season, you could even add a satin pillowcase for a complete aftercare package. A thoughtful and practical gift for anyone with lash extensions.

Lash shampoo and eyelash brush for cleansing natural lashes

Gift Ideas for Those Buying for Lash Technicians


Lash Extension Kits: First on our list are lash extension kits. From starter kits to the advanced kits, these typically include all the goodies needed for fabulous lashes, such as lash extensions, eyelash glue, lash tweezers, and more. They're perfect for beginner Lash Technicians and seasoned pros alike for setting them up for lash success and the ideal gift for someone looking to take their lash game to the next level. 

Lash Courses: Knowledge is a gift that keeps on giving. Invest in the professional growth of a lovely Lash Tech in your life by gifting them a lash extension course to help them expand their skill set and professional development. It's a thoughtful investment and a fantastic opportunity for them to refine their skills and learn new lash techniques.

Lash Artistry Books: Continuous learning is key in the beauty industry, which means learning and improving lash skills is a never-ending journey. There are plenty of insightful books and ebooks that can be a goldmine of knowledge. For those passionate about perfecting their craft, look for books and guides that cover lash techniques, styling, tips, tricks, and valuable business insights. They're the perfect gift for someone who's always hungry for lash knowledge. 

Relaxation Gifts: After a long day of working tirelessly to enhance others' beauty, Lash Techs deserve some pampering, too! Treating them to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation with a spa day, or allowing them to indulge in self-care with a cosy, relaxing gift like scented candles or a plush robe can help them unwind.

Lash Technician relaxing at a spa for their Christmas present

Salon Decor for their Beauty Room: Elevate their beauty room’s ambiance with stylish salon decor like lash-themed wall art, mirrors, and other decorative items. It's a creative way to celebrate their lash passion and also sets the right mood for a welcoming atmosphere for their clients. 

Professional Lash Mirror: Every Lash Technician needs a reliable lash mirror for that all-important final check. So, a professional-grade lash mirror is a fantastic gift for Lash Techs to add to their lash extension kit. They’ll be able to inspect their work from all angles, ensuring their clients leave with flawless lashes every time!

Personalised Lash Technician Accessories:  Find chic and comfortable accessories for Lash Techs like tunics, aprons, or tool pouches and customise them with their name or a special message. It adds a personal touch to their work attire and professionalism to their workspace, making them feel appreciated. 

Sharing Their Wishlist & Basket: If you’re still a little stuck on what to get them, then why not ask them to share what’s on their lash wish list or in their basket so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be gifting them with essential lash products that you know they’ll use, or surprise them by treating them to something they’ve always had their eye on!

Lash Technician's wish list of Christmas presents

This holiday season, give the gift of luscious lashes with these incredible gift ideas. There are plenty of wonderful Christmas gift options for Lash Technicians and lash lovers alike. From top-notch lash tools to quality lash courses and aftercare products, there's something for everyone who adores lashes. Happy gifting, and may your holiday season be as dazzling as the lashes you create!