Picking The Right Lash Training Course For You

Everyone has made a decision they regretted once or twice in their life. It might have been a bad shopping experience, booking a falsely advertised holiday, or maybe you've chosen an eyelash extension course that didn’t deliver the expected results and instead, you felt helpless and frustrated when your independent lashing career was just starting. 

We know how it feels, as it happens to the best of us. Through our research, we have found some courses leave you with a serious lack of knowledge. When reading professional posts, we saw how much we needed to learn by ourselves after the course. As a company which prioritises education, we get a lot of messages from lash stylists, and we can see that many of you went down the same road. It’s not easy to choose the right course. There are so many. But let us cheer you up – nothing is lost.

If your job as a Lash Artist makes you happy, you will reach your destination, it will just take a little longer. What we suggest, is that you try to find as much information yourself as possible by learning from professional posts on social media, and blogs. Don’t be mad at yourself, use your experience to make smarter decisions further into your career. 

Lash Training Course Student with Lash Trainer

What Should You Look For?

Explore the market, take your time, itwillpay off. Good course content and a knowledgeable trainers are essential to make your job easier and can speed up your progress enormously. The supply of courses on the market is high, and everyone is promising the same. We advise you to check the content of the course – don’t be just interested in the price and location!

Check what is included in the course price. Do you get a starter kit? Size of the group? What is the price of the material you are going to use? Can you expect further support from your mentor? How experienced is the trainer? Check the work from the trainer's students and their reviews. Do you like what you see? Remember to check where the lash stylists whose work you like have been trained.

London Lash Academy

At London Lash we focus on our educational ethos. Our Training Academy promises high quality education, one on one time with students, thorough run through of products, techniques and the science behind eyelash extensions. We supply in depth details of our courses, which you can find on our webpage, with the comfort in knowing you're making the right choice. Whether you choose to do your course in our Bolton or London academy or even seek out our Online Course, we can guide you through what is best for you. Click on the Chat With Us icon on the bottom of your screen if you have any questions.

Don’t Get Fooled by Overpromises

Lashing skills take time. Before you get into Volume Lashes, you must first master Classics. You can’t expect to do a perfect 6D set without mastering a 3D first. Just like in construction, the foundation is important. This goes for both techniques - single lash extensions and volume fans. Just like a building, the foundation determines the quality of the structure above it. If the foundation is imbalanced or weak, the building itself is unsteady. Lashing becomes a problem - unhealthy and unprofessional. Remember, many things are important, not just the price of the course. Choose one that will help further your career.

London Lash Training Academy and Lash Extension Courses

A good lash extensions course gives you additional work motivation which also shows in the attitude towards clients, the earnings, and the overall development of your business. Honestly, there are no shortcuts to success in this profession. You could be a sought-after professional or you may stay at a lower level of knowledge, service quality and consequently, your earnings, just make sure to make the right investment for you.