How To Create The Perfect Set Of Hybrid Lash Extensions

Whether you’re a seasoned eyelash extension lover or a complete newbie to the world of lashes, it would be difficult to deny how beautiful Hybrid lash extensions are. They’re the style of lash extensions that have taken the beauty world by storm and given wearers more opportunity to personalise their look. They’re also a game changer for those who have an irregular lash line and need volume in some areas and length in others. If you’ve been considering taking the hybrid route but aren’t sure if this style of lashes is for you, here’s the lowdown to help you decide.

Close-up of Hybrid lash extensions and under eye patches

Volume Lashes vs Classic Lashes

To create Hybrid lash extensions, Lash Artists use a combination of Classic lashes and Volume lashes, and the result truly is the best of both worlds. If you weren’t aware, Classic lash extensions are created by attaching one extension per natural lash. The result is a subtle-looking natural finish. When it comes to Volume lash extensions, however, a fan of lashes is created and attached to the individual lashes. The added lash extensions provide extra volume to the natural lashes, which can be adjusted per person, depending on how dramatic they want their look to be. 

Lashes for Classic lash extensions and Russian Volume lashes

Hybrid Lashes vs Classic Lashes

If your client has been drooling over a celebrity’s lashes and wondered how they got them so fluttery, it isn’t genetics, it’s Hybrid lash extensions. Made popular by the Kardashians, Hybrid lash extensions create a broken lash line, which appears textured and spiky looking, although incredibly soft at the same time. 

Hybrid lashes are perfect for people who have sections of their lash line which are sparser than others, or have thin natural lashes overall. Fans of eyelash extensions can be added to places where the natural lashes are less thick and single lash extensions can be used in denser parts of the natural lash line, or to create length where the natural lashes are shorter.

If your client has tried Classic lash extensions and they aren’t sure if they want to make the leap to Volume lashes, Hybrid lash extensions are a great stopgap. They’ll give your client the chance to get a feel for what more voluminous lashes will look like on them. Equally, if they know from the offset that they want something with a little more oomph, then Hybrid lashes are the perfect option. 

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How To Create A Set Of Hybrid Lashes 

If your client opts for Hybrid lash extensions, or you've decided that this method is the best style for their natural lashes, prepare to spend a little longer in the salon chair. It can take around two and a half hours to apply a full set of Hybrid lash extensions, due to the fact that more precision and creative skill is needed compared to other styles. 

Just like when you're applying Classic lashes and Volume lashes, you'll need to isolate each individual eyelash before attaching the eyelash extensions. For the best effect, handmade lash fans should be created and attached to the isolated natural lashes. Usually, two fans will be placed on two separate lashes, and a single lash extension will be applied onto isolated lashes either side. This method is then repeated over and over until a full set of Hybrid lashes have been applied. 

Lash mapping for Hybrid lash extensions

The Best Aftercare For Hybrid Lashes

Just like with Classic lash extensions and Volume lash extensions, when applied correctly, they will not cause damage to the natural lashes. However, there are things you should advise your clients to be mindful of, once they’ve left the salon, that will help them to keep their lashes in tip-top shape. For starters, like all hair, the lifespan of a single eyelash hair is finite and it will inevitably shed, taking the eyelash extensions with it. This is why your client will need to make infill appointments, so those beautiful, full lashes can be maintained.  

For the first 48 hours after their lash treatment, clients should not get their Hybrid lash extensions wet as the lash glue needs time to settle. After this initial period, they will need to clean their lashes every day with a lash shampoo and eyelash cleanser brush, pat dry gently and brush through with a silicone mascara wand. It’s important that they only apply slight pressure to the lashes, to prevent unnecessary breakage.

Lash shampoo and eyelash brush for natural lashes

When it comes to choosing their preferred style of eyelash extensions, there really is no right or wrong answer. Everyone has a different eye shape and type of natural lashes, which will inevitably influence which style of extensions will suit your clients best.