Hybrid eyelash extensions are a mixture of classic lash extensions and volume lash extensions - depending on the kind of look your client wants, this could be a 50/50 split between the two, or could have more of one than the other. 

So who do hybrid lashes suit best? Well, generally speaking hybrid extensions are pretty much universally wearable, so it’s never a bad idea to have them on your treatment list! Just to get you started, here are some great times to offer a hybrid lash set to your client.

If you’re newly qualified in volume and you feel a little slow. Now, first bear in mind that it’s not all about speed - speed comes to us with time and practice, and it’s far more important that you are applying lashes safely than quickly. That being said, knowing you only have to apply half the number of volume fans and cover the rest of the natural lashes with those classic lashes you’re familiar with can take some of the pressure off of your shoulders! 

If your client has gaps in their lashes a hybrid lash set can help massively to cover those gaps, without adding much more volume than they’re used to or would ideally like. For this, you can quite easily use 0.10 lashes for both the classic lashes and the 2D volume fans. This is one of those occasions where you can use a very small number of fans in the set so that the overall look isn’t impacted by the addition of fans, but it’s less obvious that there are gaps in the lash line. 

If you have a client who has always had classics and would like to build up to volume, a hybrid set can help them to do that gradually. Start with 25% volume and 75% classic just to build them up and then increase the amount of volume fans over time. 

If your client would like a very natural, wispy look, a hybrid lash set can be a great idea! Use your classic lashes for the wispy, spiky parts, and use some light volume to keep some fluffy and density closer to the lash line! 

All in all, it’s almost always a good idea to offer hybrid lashes - they’ll suit everyone (so long as you choose the right shaping, lengths and curls) and they strike the right balance between subtlety and drama, making them super wearable!