How can YOU help
Ukrainian refugees?

Apart from donations, there are two very important things you can do to make a real difference to refugees’ lives:

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Employ a Ukrainian beauty therapist in your salon 

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Become a sponsor and host a Ukrainian person or family at your house.

Find more information here.

Why should you employ Ukrainian refugees?

Help people

All the refugees have been living and working in their country until the war started. All of a sudden they needed to leave their homes, jobs, businesses, grab their kids and run away to another country - this wasn’t their choice. Adapting to living in a different place is difficult at the best of times, but when you don't know the language and have to find a new job, it's especially scary. By employing a refugee, you make a real difference to someone’s life.

Get an amazingly skilled employee

Standards of treatment performance are very high in Eastern Europe, so even beginner beauty therapists are able to provide high quality treatments.

Grow your business

New employees, once they are booked up, are able to increase profitability of your business significantly and will allow you to work fewer hours with clients yourself, allowing you to spend more time growing your business on social media, looking into and purchasing new products, or even allowing you to take time out to spend with your family.

Get appreciation from your clients

Most clients will appreciate and respect your kindness and, in return, will support your business by remaining loyal and recommending your business to their friends and family members. 

Support the economy of the country

Through no fault of their own, refugees are having to adapt to life in a new country - for those unable to find employment this can be particularly daunting, and can put a strain on the economy. By employing someone who is new to the UK, you are effectively keeping the need for unemployment benefits significantly lower, and are making a real difference for someone and possibly their children too.