Mariola Mikolajczyk

Hi, my name is Mariola Mikolajczyk and I'm InLei® UK Lash Filler Trainer.

I started my lash lift career in 2018, and I love when clients, just after the treatment, can’t believe that the results they see are only their natural lashes!

The reason why I started my career in lash lift was actually my personal preference as I'm not the biggest fan of lash extensions as it's a longer treatment than a lash lift. In my eyes lash lamination is more convenient with low to no maintenance!

One thing I wish I knew when you started doing lash lift was to how to check when the lash is ready after exposure to first solution. This has completely changed my game and I will teach you this on the course!

My top tip for all lamimakers is that a lash lift is a very easy and lovable treatment when you know how to do it correctly. Get a good training to avoid stress of unwanted results!

My number one InLei® product is InLei® Helper, I cannot imagine a treatment without it!


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