Simple ways to advertise your new employee

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Post a picture of your new employee, alongside a gallery of photos of their work. Describe their previous experience, qualifications, achievements etc., and use stories to remind your clients about your new employee, prices for their treatment(s), and any special offers that are applicable. 

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Advertise your new employee in local Facebook groups, such as your town community group, local mums group etc. If you have a dedicated facebook page for your business, make sure to introduce them there so that your clients can become familiar with them! 

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Newsletters are always the most powerful marketing tool! Use automatic newsletters to let your clients know that you have welcomed a Ukrainian refugee into your business - your customers are sure to appreciate it, and are highly likely to book an appointment to support the new employee and your business!

Newsletter features might be available in your booking system*

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Text and WhatsApp messages

Text messages are another guaranteed marketing channel - in the digital age, we have our phones with us all the time, so getting information right in the palm of our clients' hands is foolproof when it comes to marketing! Let your clients know about your new employee by sending them a text*

*Please note that in order to send your clients emails and messages, they need to give you prior consent.  

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Special Offers

Offer an introductory discount for the treatment with your new employee for the first couple of months of their work to get them booked up faster, and to help your existing clients become more familiar with them, building trust and expanding their portfolio!

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Put a message in your window about your salon employing a Ukrainian therapist. Contact London Lash to receive a FREE window sticker and an A2 window banner with the message “We employ a Ukrainian beauty therapist”