How to employ a Ukrainian refugee

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Check our Instagram page with available candidates, If you can’t find any suitable candidate for your salon or in your area, please fill this application form so that we can help you to find a perfect fit for your business. 

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Contact your insurance provider to check if they are accepting international certificates, and if they have any special requirements. If needed, obtain the copies of certificates from your potential employee and have them professionally translated and certified if they are in Ukrainian or Russian language.

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Email your insurance company with a request to add the potential employee to your insurance. If the insurance company is not accepting their certificate, we recommend contacting ABT insurance. If the insurance company refuses to insure the potential employee, please get in touch with us as we may be able to suggest a way to re-qualify your potential employee, and help them to get a UK accredited certificate. Email

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Once you have received a positive response from your insurance company, get in touch with your accountant and proceed with adding this employee to your payroll. 

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Please note that proof of employment for your new employee will be required.