LLP Award logo

Now it is official!

If you are an LLP student you can get your exclusive logo now!

Because our students are amazing, we have decided to launch a Global Project and give our students the opportunity to become recognised around the world and show a higher professionalism to their clients by using a professional exclusive logo which indicates the level of the technician.

LLP Junior Lash Artist

LLP Senior Lash Artist

LLP Master Lash Artist

LLP Trainer

How do you get it?


Simply email your trainer (you can find your trainer’s email on their professional page on our website) requesting your exclusive Award Logo, including the level you request for, a short description mentioning all trainings you took part at and all lash competitions you participated, 3 of your best works and a link to your Instagram and Facebook page where you are posting your works so that we can carefully check the quality of your work, your professionalism and attitude.

Each Awarded Logo will be given exclusively by your trainer only if you meet the criteria for the level you request, if not please note that you might be given the LLP Junior Lash Artist award to start with till your work improves so that you can request again the next level logo.

! If you completed your training with us long time ago and your trainer is not listed on our website please send your request to our Award Logo manager via email at

If, after a further 6 months of using the first given Award Logo (because you need time to improve the quality of your work), the student believes that their work is of a high enough standard, they are entitled to send pictures of their best 5 works to the trainer’s email in order to be considered for the next level.

The student must have attended at least one training course with London Lash to be eligible to receive the status.

Student’s work should meet the following criteria:

LLP Junior Lash Artist

  •  Clean lash application - no excess of glue, and ‘stickies’ should not be present.

  •  Correct distance from the eyelid (if, from the top view, you can see distance is too big - do not post the picture!)

  •  An overall neat lash look with good styling for the individual client

  •  Bright, high quality photos (no blurring or pixelation)

  •  Active social media accounts
  •  Attended at least 1 lash training
  •  At least 6 months' experience

LLP Senior Lash Artist

  •   Clean lash application

  •   Correct distance from the eyelid 

  •   Technically correct lash look, whether ‘perfect topline’ or ‘wispy’

  •   Good styling which is suitable for the individual client

  •   Bright, good quality pictures - not blurry or pixelated, in perfect focus

  •   Has successfully completed at least 3 lash trainings with national or international lash trainers, including London Lash Pro

  •   Active social media accounts 

  •   Participation in lash competitions, including online
  •   A minimum of 6 months' experience in Russian Volume technique.
  •   A minimum of 1.5 years' experience in classic eyelash extensions technique

LLP Master Lash Artist

  •  Clean lash application

  •  Correct distance from the eyelid 

  •  Technically perfect lash look

  •  Good styling, suitable for the individual client

  •  Bright, good quality photos - no blurring, pixelation and in perfect focus with good lighting.  

  •  Artist has successfully completed at least 4 lash trainings with national or international lash trainers, including London Lash Pro
  •  Active and popular social media accounts (2-3 posts per week - including lash photos, product shots, tips & tricks and other related content)

  •   Participation in (preferably having won) lash competitions including online

  •   A minimum of 2 years’ experience

LLP Trainer

  •   Perfect lash application 

  •   Able to create a perfect top line and correctly work with the lash layers

  •   Able to create a technically ‘perfect’ wispy top line effect.

  •   Perfect styling for any and all clients

  •   Bright, high-quality photos

  •   Has successfully completed at least 5 lash trainings with national and international lash trainers, including London Lash Pro.
  •   Has won a place or ‘special prize in the opinion of…’ from a judge at any lash championship, including online

  •   Active and popular social media accounts 

  •   A minimum of 3 years’ experience

  •   Academy/ premises approved by LLP Jury in which to provide trainings.

  •   Exclusively using LLP  products

An official LLP Trainer will be awarded with a separate certificate which officially gives the right to teach on behalf of, and following the exclusive curriculum of London Lash Pro. This title is given only with the permission of London Lash Pro academy and LLP Award jury, and only after completing the designanted and exclusive training with Hanna Putjato - Director, Founder and CEO of London Lash Professional.

 ***Please note the most important criteria is the quality of student’s work and level of professionalism.