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London Lash USA Ambassador Page

London Lash Professional is ALWAYS looking to collaborate with talented and passionate lash technicians from around the globe!

We are searching for go-getting individuals who have an established online presence; whether that be through YouTube, Instagram or Facebook to share London Lash’s commitment of educating, supporting & supplying innovative lash products.

Here at London Lash USA we consider you to be an established and talented lash technician who:

  • is passionate about eyelash extensions! 
  • adheres to & maintains exceptional industry practice! 🌟
  • regularly engages with the lash community and supports other lash technicians in the industry...
  • and most importantly, already uses, loves AND advocates London Lash products 😍

So...we would like YOU to become a London Lash Ambassador!

As a London Lash ambassador, not only will you be a part of one of the fastest growing companies in the eyelash extensions industry, you will also get additional benefits including:

  • Up to 20% discount off of the London Lash Pro website - for your own personal use 
  • A unique 10% discount code to promote for your followers to use! 
  • Exclusive PR packages on key events and product launches!
  • A monthly income based on commission from the net sales you generated through your unique 10% discount code.

Sounds awesome doesn't it!

Now for the small print... 🤓

Please Notethat as a London Lash Ambassador you will be representing a globally recognised and established business dedicated to developing professional products for eyelash application and education.

A standard of professionalism and commitment will be expected to be maintained in line with our reputation, company values, and policies. If you agree to become an ambassador you will be required to sign a agreement including but not limited to:

  • Representing London Lash online AND in public spaces without causing damage to the reputation of the brand.
  • Promoting London Lash during sales & new product launches
  • Responsibility for acting within your local government regulations in regards to influencers, online promotion & affiliate schemes
  • Making a minimum of $1000 in total during your first three months (so just $333 a month!) of becoming an ambassador, and then $500 in sales per month through your promotion code thereafter
  • No affiliation with competitor brands or ownership of your own lash brand

If all the above sounds like something you would be interested in, we cannot wait to have you on board representing our brand! 😍